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20000 steps to miles

Covering a distance while walking or running is important. It is to maintain an active lifestyle. This has become a paramount goal for many individuals who are willing to improve their overall health and well-being. 

One of the simplest yet effective approaches to burn calories is walking. It is easily incorporated into daily routine. But, among the common step goals, 20,000 steps per day has gained attention for its potential health benefits. Now the question arises “How many miles does this translate to?” and “what kind of calorie burn one can expect?”

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How Far is 20,000 Steps in Miles?

Before anything else, it’s important to understand the conversion rate between steps and miles. The average adult’s stride length is approximately 2.5 feet. Accordingly, it will take roughly 2000 steps to cover 1 mile. 

However, the difference in conversion rates varies on individual differences in stride length and walking speed. The calculation for 20000 steps to miles can be done using an average conversion rate of 2,000 steps per mile i.e. 20,000 steps / 2,000 steps per mile = 10 miles.

Furthermore, it is also seen that an average person is required to walk 8.5 miles to cover 20,000 steps. And, if running, it is 15 miles. 

Covering 20,000 Steps by Walking

There are evident differences between walking and running. One of the evident differences is speed, weight, and height. Below, the table includes how long it takes to complete 20,000 steps based on height:

4’10”7.6 12.2 
5’0” 812.8

Covering 20,000 Steps by Running

As previously mentioned, running requires different pacing and strides. Find out how long it takes to hit 20,000 steps based on height:

Height12 min/mile10 min/mile8 min/mile6 min/mile
5’0”10 miles16.1 KMs11.7 miles18.8 KMs14 miles22.5 KMs17.6 miles28.3 KMs
6’0”10.8 miles17.5 KMs12.9 miles20.7 KMs15.8 miles25.2 KMs20.5 miles33.0 KMs
5’1”10.1 miles16.2 KMs11.8 miles18.9 KMs14.1 miles22.8 KMs17.8 miles28.6 KMs
6’1”10.9 miles17.6 KMs13 miles20.9 KMs16 miles25.8 KMs20.8 miles33.5 KMs
5’2”10.1 miles16.3 KMs11.8 miles19.1 KMs14.3 miles23 KMs18.03 miles19.01 KMs
6’2”11 miles17.7 KMs13.1 miles21.1 KMs16.2 miles26 KMs21.1 miles33.9 KMs
5’3”10.2 miles16.4 KMs11.9 miles19.2 KMs14.4miles16 KMs18.2 miles29.3 KMs
6’3”11.1miles17.9 KMs13.2 miles21.3 KMs16.3 miles26.3 KMs21.4 miles34.4 KMs
5’4”10.2 miles16.5 KMs12.0 miles19.4 KMs14.6 miles23.5 KMs18.4 miles29.7 KMs
6’4”11.2 miles18 KMs13.3 miles21.5 KMs16.5 miles26.6 KMs21.7 miles34.9 KMs
5’5”10.3 miles16.6 KMs12.1 miles19.5 KMs14.7 miles23.7 KMs18.7 miles30.1 KMs
5’6”10.4 miles16.7 KMs12.2 miles19.75 KMs14.9miles23.9 KMs18.9 miles30.5 KMs
5’7”10.5 miles16.9 KMs12.3 miles19.9 KMs15 miles24.2 KMs19.2 miles30.9 KMs
5’8”10.5 miles17 KMs12.4 miles20 KMs15.2 miles24.4 KMs19.4 miles31.3 KMs
5’9”10.6 miles17.1 KMs12.5 miles20.2 KMs15.3 miles24.7 KMs19.7 miles31.7 KMs
5’10”10.7 miles17.2 KMs12.6 miles20.4 KMs15.5 miles24.9 KMs19.9 miles32.1 KMs
5’11”10.8 miles17.4 KMs12.8 miles20.6 KMs15.6 miles25.2 KMs20.2 miles32.6 KMs

Final Words

Conclusively, completing 20,000 steps could be a commendable goal to achieve. It only equates to roughly 10 miles. Accomplishing this goal offers various health benefits, improves cardiovascular fitness, weight management, and boosts mental health.

By Almas Sajid

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