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2012 chrysler 300 front struts


Is your Chrysler 300 giving you a bumpy ride lately? Do you cringe every time you hit a pothole or railroad tracks? If so, your front struts may need replacement. 

But with costs averaging or more, is investing in new Chrysler 300 front struts really worthwhile? Or will cheaper fixes like shock absorber replacement suffice?

Hitting a pothole and feeling your Chrysler 300 lose control for a second can be a terrifying moment. 

But is this upgrade worth the money compared to just swapping shocks? Let’s examine the symptoms of bad struts, repair costs, and weigh the pros and cons of replacement to help you 


This may indicate your front struts are wearing out. 

Chrysler 300 front struts play a critical role in suspension and handling. 

Worn out struts can compromise your sedan’s ride quality, comfort, and even safety. 

Replacing damaged front struts can restore that luxurious Chrysler glide. 

But is replacing them really necessary or just an upsell from your mechanic? Let’s explore if investing in new 2012 chrysler 300 front struts is worthwhile for your ride. 

What Do Front Struts Do?

Front struts are a critical component in your Chrysler 300’s suspension system. 

They provide structural support between the front wheels and chassis. 

Struts also house the shock absorbers that dampen impacts from bumps and dips. 

This allows your big sedan to glide down the road smoothly.

The 2012 chrysler 300 front suspension diagram shows the key components like the struts, control arms, tie rods, sway bar, and springs. 

Worn out struts can’t effectively control wheel and chassis movement. 

This leads to bouncy ride quality, longer stopping distance, and poor handling around corners.

Replacing damaged front struts restores precise suspension geometry for optimal tire contact and braking performance.

When Do The Front Struts Need Replacement? 

With average driving, front struts on a Chrysler 300 usually last 60,00080,000 miles. But bumpy roads, frequent curb impacts, and excessive loads can wear them down faster.

Many Chrysler 300 owners look into new front strut kits or replacements around 60k miles or when they notice issues. 

Here are some signs it’s time to replace your 2012 chrysler 300 front strut replacement:

  • Excessive Bouncing  Your sedan feels loose and bobbles over bumps
  • Nose Dives  Front end dips excessively during braking  
  • Tire Wear  Inner tread wears faster indicating alignment issues
  • Leaking Oil  Oil coating on struts indicates blown internal seals

If you notice any of these symptoms, have your Chrysler 300’s front struts inspected by a certified mechanic. 

They can determine if replacement is required or recommend repairs like adding new fluid. 

A 2012 Chrysler 300 may need front strut replacements after 50,000 or so miles depending on driving conditions.

Cost of Chrysler 300 Front Strut Replacement

Typical costs for replacing worn out front struts on a Chrysler 300 range from $650 $850 if using original manufacturer struts.

High Quality aftermarket struts can lower the parts cost to $400 to $600. Add $200 to $300 for professional installation labor per pair. 

Overall, plan around $800 1000 for 2012 chrysler 300 new front struts. 

Getting just the shocks replaced and not the entire strut assemblies costs less, around $350 to $500 in parts.

But it won’t fully restore suspension geometry or chassis stiffness. Complete strut replacement is highly recommended. 

Benefits of New Chrysler 300 Front Struts

Investing in new front struts for your aging Chrysler 300 has some great benefits:

  •  Improves Ride Quality  Less bounciness for a smoother journey
  •  Sharp Handling  Responds quickly with less body roll around corners  
  •  Extends Tire Life  Proper alignment decreases uneven tire wear
  •  Enhances Safety  Better traction and shortens braking distances
  •  Noise Reduction  Eliminates squeaks and knocking sounds
  •  Restores Comfort  Passengers enjoy a plush ride again


Replacing worn out front struts is a worthwhile investment for Chrysler 300 owners seeking to restore a smooth, stable ride. 

Quality aftermarket struts from reputable brands provide the biggest value improvement in ride quality, handling, and safety. 

The costs are reasonable compared to the benefits. 

If your Chrysler 300 is showing any signs of worn struts, have them inspected and replaced promptly to avoid further suspension damage. 

Overall, investing in new front struts pays dividends through enhanced comfort, control, and peace of mind while driving. 

Your Chrysler 300 will feel solid and tight on the road once again. Visit Autobuffy.


Q: Does a Chrysler 300 use shocks or struts?

A: The Chrysler 300 typically uses a combination of both shocks and struts in its suspension system depending on the model year and specific trim.

Q: How do I know if my front struts are bad?

A: Signs of bad front struts include excessive bouncing uneven tire wear increased braking distance and a rough or noisy ride. 

If you experience these issues its recommended to have your struts inspected.

Q: How much does it cost to replace shocks and struts on a Chrysler 300?

A: The cost to replace shocks and struts on a Chrysler 300 can vary based on the model year and location. 

On average expect to pay between $400 to $800 for parts and labor.

Q: What will bad front struts do?

A: Bad front struts can lead to reduced ride comfort poor handling and compromised vehicle stability. 

They can also cause increased tire wear and negatively impact braking performance.

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