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Whatso is a powerful WhatsApp tool for bulk messaging. It allows you to easily filter customers and send personalized messages. It also allows you to attach documents, images, vCards and more.

Infobip is a popular WhatsApp BSP provider. It offers a centralized platform that allows customer care agents to respond to queries swiftly. It also helps businesses get the green tick application for their WhatsApp Business Accounts.

1. WebEngage

The platform is designed to help businesses improve their user engagement and retention by offering a range of tools and features. These include a customer-centric marketing automation suite, AI-powered customer journey orchestration, and personalization capabilities.

WebEngage collects user data from various sources to create unified profiles for each individual customer. These profiles are then used to deliver personalized messages across multiple communication channels.

Using WebEngage, marketers can send out personalized campaigns through push notification, in-app message, SMS and email. They can also use the platform to monitor and analyze the results of each campaign.

However, some users have reported that the software can be difficult to navigate and that it does not offer enough customization options. Additionally, there have been some reports of technical errors and glitches that can interfere with the workflow of some users.

2. WhatSender

WhatSender is a bulk WhatsApp messaging software that lets you share personal messages and business offers with a group of people. The tool can be used from your laptop and can automate messaging during peak chat traffic. Its advanced features include multiple agents, AI ChatGPT, auto responders, and more. It is easy to use and has a reputable developer behind it.

This state-of-the-art software allows you to send personalized messages with text, images, and videos. It also enables you to import contacts from Excel, CSV, or TXT files. Its features include auto-replies, customizable blue ticks, a link tracker, and more. It has good customer support and regularly updates its software. Its prices are reasonable and it is available for free download. It has a one-time purchase option and is ideal for small businesses. This tool also includes a money-back guarantee.


WATI is a comprehensive GB WhatsApp Apk integration platform that enables businesses to use the app for marketing and customer support purposes. It offers a number of features and seamless integration capabilities, making it suitable for mid-sized and large enterprises.

Its omnichannel messaging tools enable users to deliver personalized messages to different audiences. It also helps them maintain compliance with anti-spam regulations and avoid penalties.

The tool supports a number of rich media formats including text, images, GIFs, audio files, documents, and locations. It also includes a no-code chatbot builder to automate FAQ responses and create conversation flows.

The tool allows users to organize customer requests into tickets and assign them to specific human agents or bots. It also provides analytics and reports to measure the performance of campaigns. It is available in four pricing plans that vary by number of users and advanced features.

4. Whappext

It offers a highly intuitive and user-friendly platform. Users can easily import contacts and create broadcast lists to reach multiple clients simultaneously. They can also track e-marketing campaigns and customer responses.

Whappext is a great option for businesses that want to increase their reach. It can be used to send order delivery updates, coupons, sales announcements, and more. It also has a chatbot that allows businesses to interact with their customers and answer any questions they might have.

WebEngage is a data platform and WhatsApp marketing tool that makes it easier for eCommerce companies to communicate with their customers. It enables them to deliver personalized messages and improve customer experience. It also has a centralized inbox for managing all customer queries. This is an effective way to boost sales and build brand loyalty. This tool is also highly scalable and cost-effective.

5. Wigzo

Whatso is a WhatsApp marketing tool that enables businesses to perform bulk action on the platform. It features WordPress chat solutions and SMS service over WhatsApp. It also has an anti-blocking technology to increase customer engagement and boost sales. Additionally, it supports multiple languages and allows businesses to send messages in bulk that include text, images, videos, PDF, and audio.

It also helps small businesses to communicate with their clients and customers in a more personalized manner. It can send formatted text and emojis and also help them import contacts from CSV or TXT files. It can also be used to schedule messages and send them at different times. The tool can be used to send tips and tutorials, subscription or insurance renewal reminders, and even invites to conferences, meetings, and events. It also helps businesses to resolve customer queries quickly and efficiently.

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