Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Pukhraj, also known as yellow sapphire, is a beautiful gemstone that is widely recognized as valuable in India. This golden-coloured stone is associated with the planet Jupiter and is said to have astrological powers. You’re going to explore the five convincing reasons to consider purchasing a pukhraj ring online:

Astrological Benefits

Pukhraj is considered as a significant gemstone in Vedic astrology, capable of bestowing knowledge, wisdom, and fortune to the user. It is thought to boost intelligence, and spirituality, as well as decisiveness. Wearing a yellow sapphire, according to ancient texts, may bring happiness and assist in overcoming problems in life. Those enduring job failures or suffering from a lack of income are frequently encouraged to wear Pukhraj. A Pukhraj ring may be good if you’re seeking for a boost in the workplace or financial success.

Aesthetic Beauty

Pukhraj is prized for its beautiful golden colour. The rich yellowish-orange hue stands out and adds warmth to any piece of jewellery. When set in yellow gold or silver, the golden glow of pukhraj complements the metal beautifully. A Pukhraj ring can add a touch of aristocratic luxury to everyday outfits. The colour has an inherent elegance that uplifts formal wear as well as ethnic Indian clothes. For those who like jewellery with subtle dazzle, pukhraj strikes the perfect balance of being eye-catching yet sophisticated. Its versatility allows it to be worn in both traditional and contemporary styles. For gemstone lovers who value beauty and versatility, Pukhraj is an excellent choice.


Pukhraj is a durable gemstone ranking 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This means it can resist scratches and everyday wear-and-tear with proper care. Unlike softer stones like opal or pearl, you don’t have to worry too much about damaging a Pukhraj ring during regular use. A Pukhraj ring can be an investment piece, passed down generations as family heirloom when cared for appropriately.


In Hinduism, Pukhraj is associated with Lord Ganesha and planet Jupiter. It is believed to remove obstacles and bring wisdom, luck, prosperity. According to legends, Lord Ganesha’s belly is said to be yellow like Pukhraj. As Ganesha is worshipped first before any Hindu ritual or celebration, Pukhraj also signifies a good beginning. Hence, starting something new by wearing a Pukhraj ring is considered auspicious by many. It is also a stone recommended for Thursdays, which is associated with Jupiter.

Astrological Substitute

For those who cannot afford more expensive yellow sapphires, a Pukhraj serves as an affordable astrological substitute. While natural unheated sapphires are rare and pricy, good quality lab-created or treated yellow sapphires are available at reasonable rates. These can confer the same planetary benefits as natural stones and enhance your life. So, for astrological purposes, you can go for an affordable, good quality Pukhraj instead of investing in a very expensive natural yellow sapphire.


With its alluring golden sheen, astrological significance and durable nature, Pukhraj makes for a wise jewellery investment. However, it’s pukhraj ring price is also affordable. A minimalistic Pukhraj solitaire or an ornate gemstone ring can become a treasured possession when chosen mindfully. Let the positive energies of this Jupiterian stone dispel obstacles and usher in good fortune through a gorgeous Pukhraj ring.

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