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Custom Regular Six Corner

It is expected that by 2023, the market share of custom packaging will increase up to 51%. Amazed right? The main reason is that with the customization all the companies get a chance to show their creative nature to the world, which people love the most. For unique boxes, you can use custom regular six corner

These boxes have remarkable features and their effectiveness is enhanced with customization. When you will design the boxes by using high-quality material and the best printing methods then you can accelerate the market share of your brand. 

Custom printed regular six corner boxes can be designed as per the product requirement and your brand’s standards. There are plenty of materials, printing methods, color mixing techniques, and add-ons available in the market that can help you in designing the most catchy boxes. 

So without wasting time let’s first understand what six corner boxes are and then we will move towards the tips to design them. 

What Are Custom Regular Six Corner?

Before designing the packaging it is necessary to understand what type of packaging you are going to use. In six corner boxes, the box has six corner flaps. These flaps are tucked in such a way that the bottom of a rectangular box is created. These boxes perfectly protect the packed items and make the safe transit of the product easy. 

Although a side lock six corner is available in the general packaging market. But to get a box that perfectly aligns with the brand’s requirements and nature, customization of the boxes is increasing. For your box customization below are some of the useful tips. 

7 Tips For Box Designing 

If you have decided to pack your product in personally designed boxes then you certainly need guidance to get perfect packaging. It is better to get an expert opinion before manufacturing packaging than to make errors. To facilitate you, this article contains the tips suggested by experts that will definitely prove useful in designing your boxes. 

Do Not Compromise On Material Quality 

For your regular six corner packaging design, you should not compromise on the quality of the material. The designing of the boxes will become feasible if you will use durable material to pack your product. Besides ease in box designing you will be able to keep your product safe. 

There are plenty of material options that you can avail for your six corer boxes. For instance, you can use a corrugated material to remain 100% sustainable. In the same easy, if you need an economical material then cardboard is the best choice. And for high protection, you can utilize the sturdiness of corrugated material. 

Keep The Printing Method Updated 

In addition to a selection of materials, the printing methods must also be high quality to design custom regular six corner. There are many advanced printing methods used in the custom boxes industry. You can select the one that can give you the fastest turnout and minimum budget. 

For instance, you can use offset printing which is inexpensive as well as a fast way to print the boxes. Whether you want a minimalist design or you want to create fancy artwork on your boxes, offset printing has your back. 

Select The Best Color Mixing Methods

No matter how much the printing method is advanced and how much it is fast, if the colors used in printing are not good then the printing method is also useless. Moreover, after the selection of colors, the selection of the best color-mixing techniques is also of vital importance. 

In the custom packaging industry, two color mixing methods are popular, the one is CMYK and the second one is PMS. For simple designs or designs that consist of four colors CMYK is the best method. On the contrary, for shape and more defined colors you can use PMS. 

Choose Add-Ons

Obviously, you do not want your packaging to resemble other brands. And to create extraordinary packaging, extra effort is required. In the packaging, you can use add-ons on boxes that will elevate the box’s look and enhance box strength. 

Make A Mark Using Custom Stickers 

Some of the companies have started investing in custom stickers. These stickers are the best option when you are not much incline toward the printing methods. Or you want to add extra appeal to your side lock six corner. 

Protect Packaging With Coatings 

To protect your product you need packaging and to protect yr packaging you need box coatings. The design of a six corner box is such that you can remain worry-free about the safety of your product. Nonetheless, with the box coating, you can protect the printings and make your box moisture-resistant. 

Stay Sustainable 

It is extremely bad practice to use harmful chemicals and unsustainable packaging material to increase the appeal of your product packaging. In the customization of your six corner boxes, you can choose sustainable materials such as paper-based material designed with vegetable-based inks to remain eco-friendly. 

Final Thoughts!

In this article, we have discussed the top 7 tips to design custom regular six corner. Briefly, these tips are the use of sturdy material, ultra-tech printing methods, high-quality colors, the use of add-ons, and coating on the boxes. Moreover, along with these, you can use stickers on the boxes to enhance product appeal. 

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