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Citrine stone

The Citrine gemstone is one of the yellow-colored gemstones found in the world. With its sparkling yellow hue and transparency which makes it look like a crystal, is a beauty that easily catches the eye. The warmness of the yellow is reflected through this stone which enhances the feeling of hope in the person who wears it. The astrological importance that the citrine stone holds states why a person should be wearing this gemstone. The astrological significance of the citrine gemstone is one of the reasons why this stone is worn by people from many cultures worldwide. 

The citrine stone with its energy creates a shield around the wearer which protects the individuals from negative energies and darkness. It keeps the bad things that might harm the person away whether it is an emotional attack, physical or mental.

Know more benefits of the citrine stone which is also widely known as Sunela below: 

Astrological Significance of the Citrine Gemstone 

The Citrine stone, often referred to as Sunela in Hindi, is associated with the angel number 333. Ancient people held the belief that this stone derived its warm yellow qualities from the Sun, symbolizing vitality and positive energy. Therefore, it embodies the boldness and the shine of individuality, bestowing its wearer with the powerful attributes of the angel number 333, which signify encouragement, protection, and divine support.

Another benefit of wearing the citrine gemstone is that wearing this gemstone will activate the solar plexus chakra in the body of the person and will enhance their self-confidence. 

Mentally opening up your alertness and intellect, this stone is also responsible for the enhancement of wisdom, and mental clarity. Removing the fogginess or stress, the stone will help you make better and wiser decisions. 

By wearing an original citrine gemstone the wearer will be achieving emotional balance. Reducing your anxieties or fears, the stone will help you remain more calm and peaceful. 

This stone will also help you be better by helping you evaluate yourself, accept your flaws, and help you use your strengths in your favor. 

Other citrine gemstone benefits include increasing your self-belief and communication skills. 

The citrine gemstone increases the financial stability of the person as well. Also, it helps in overcoming any financial debts the person is facing. 

There are also healing properties of the citrine gemstone which are a solid reason why people wear this gemstone. The health benefits of the citrine stone are that it strengthens the immune system of the person. Increasing the stamina and energy levels of the wearer, the stone also keeps the person active, and the heart healthy. 

Who Should Wear a Citrine Gemstone? 

Jupiter is the ruling planet of the citrine gemstone. Also known as Brihaspati or the Guru Grah, the Jupiter effect can be both positive and negative in someone’s life. Based on the positions of the planets and stars during their birth time, the planets are positioned. If the planet’s position is favorable in your birth chart then wearing the citrine will increase positivity in your life. While, if it is in a negative position, then you should definitely wear the citrine to remove these adverse effects. 

However, before wearing the Sunela, get advice from an expert astrologer. Ensure the suitability of the gemstone with your horoscope. Also, you should make sure that you are wearing the right size of citrine in a suitable metal. This will maximize the benefits you will gain from the energy of the stone. 

Price of Citrine Stone in India 

The best quality citrine stones found in the world are quite expensive. The starting price of the citrine gemstone in India starts from the range of INR 500 per carat. And can go as high as INR 6000 per carat. 

The difference in the price range is because of aspects like the cut, clarity, color, and carat as well as the origin and quality of the stone. 

Summing Up 

People wear the citrine stone with its mystical beauty a lot in the form of pendants, necklaces, and rings all over the globe. The power of the stone of physical healing, and emotional dealing capabilities makes the stone a valuable one. 

Hope, warmth, confidence, and fierceness, providing these to the wearer, the citrine will help you for a better tomorrow. 

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