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exotic animals you can own

Are you seeking a distinctive and extraordinary pet to enrich your life? Look no further than the world of exotic pets! In this article, we will explore a diverse range of the best exotic pets you can own.

These remarkable creatures offer a captivating experience, and we will also discuss their approximate costs. Among these unique companions, we will unveil the charming capybara, known for its friendly nature and undeniable appeal.

Capybaras – Earth’s Gentle Giants

Capybaras, the largest rodents on the planet, have recently gained popularity as exotic pets. Their docile and sociable nature makes them remarkable companions.

Native to South America, these semi-aquatic mammals are known for their friendly demeanor and fascinating behavior.

The approximate cost of a capybara can range from $1,500 to $5,000, depending on factors such as location and availability.

It is important to note that capybaras require specialized care, including a spacious enclosure, access to water, and a well-balanced diet. They thrive when provided with ample social interaction and attention.

Sugar Gliders – Tiny Acrobats of the Night

Sugar gliders, small and adorable marsupials native to Australia, make captivating exotic pets. With their ability to glide and their endearing appearance, they have won the hearts of many pet enthusiasts.

The cost of owning a sugar glider ranges from $200 to $500, including the price of their specialized diet and habitat setup. Sugar gliders are highly social creatures, so they thrive in pairs or small groups.

They require a suitable enclosure with plenty of climbing opportunities and a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and specially formulated glider pellets.

Axolotls – The Enigmatic Aquatic Marvels

Axolotls, unique amphibians native to Mexico, are gaining popularity as captivating pets. These aquatic creatures possess extraordinary regenerative abilities, making them a fascinating addition to any home. The approximate cost of an axolotl ranges from $20 to $50, depending on the color morph.

Axolotls require an aquarium setup with clean, cold water and hiding places. They primarily feed on live or frozen foods, such as bloodworms and brine shrimp. Due to their sensitive skin, they require careful handling and water conditions to thrive.

Fennec Foxes – Desert Beauties

Fennec foxes, with their large ears and striking appearance, have captivated the hearts of many exotic pet enthusiasts. Native to the deserts of North Africa, these foxes require specific care and attention.

The cost of owning a fennec fox can range from $1,500 to $4,000. They need a spacious enclosure with opportunities for exercise and mental stimulation.

Fennec foxes have specialized dietary requirements that include a mix of high-quality dry food, fresh fruits, and insects.

It is important to note that owning a fennec fox may be regulated or prohibited in certain areas, so it is essential to research local laws before considering them as pets.

Hedgehogs – Cute Prickly Companions

Hedgehogs, with their spiky exterior and inquisitive nature, have become popular exotic pets. These small mammals are generally low-maintenance and can adapt well to different living environments.

The cost of owning a hedgehog ranges from $100 to $300. Hedgehogs require a suitable enclosure with hiding spots and a wheel for exercise.

Their diet consists of high-quality dry cat food, supplemented with occasional fruits, vegetables, and insects. It is important to provide them with regular handling and socialization to ensure their well-being.

Bearded Dragons – Lizards with Personality

Bearded dragons, native to Australia, are known for their calm demeanor and captivating personalities. These reptiles have become popular pets due to their unique appearance and ease of care.

The cost of owning a bearded dragon can range from $50 to $250, depending on factors such as age and morph.

They require an enclosure with temperature gradients, UVB lighting, and a diet consisting of insects, vegetables, and occasional fruits. Bearded dragons thrive with regular interaction and mental stimulation.

Serval Cats – Graceful Feline Marvels

Serval cats, originating from Africa, are strikingly beautiful and majestic animals. With their unique coat patterns and long legs, they have an unmistakable presence. However, owning a serval cat requires extensive research and preparation.

The cost of a serval cat can range from $3,000 to $20,000, and they need a large, secure outdoor enclosure to satisfy their natural instincts. Servals have specific dietary requirements, including a mix of raw meat, commercial raw food, and supplements.

Due to their wild nature, they require experienced owners who can provide appropriate care and a suitable environment.


Owning an exotic pet can offer a unique and rewarding experience. From the gentle capybaras to the acrobatic sugar gliders, enigmatic axolotls, fascinating fennec foxes, adorable hedgehogs, captivating bearded dragons, and majestic serval cats, there is a diverse array of options to suit different interests.

However, it is crucial to remember that owning an exotic pet comes with responsibilities, including providing appropriate care, a suitable environment, and complying with legal regulations.

By understanding the needs of these extraordinary companions, you can create a fulfilling and enriching bond that will bring joy to both your life and theirs.

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