Sat. Nov 25th, 2023
Car wash service

Keeping your car clean reduces maintenance and ensures a stress-free driving experience. To maintain the fine aesthetic of your vehicle, you can wash it yourself at home or garage or get a professional car wash service. In this space, we’ll share views about both ways so you can decide better. Whatever you choose, ensure your car gets regularly and adequately washed.

Importance of car wash

A tidy car on the interior and exterior doesn’t just give you a good feeling but helps maintain the new look for a long time, keeps diseases away, and gets you a higher resale value. A few other reasons for keeping your car clean and tidy are: 

Increase longevity:

Regularly cleaning your car prevents the formation of a dirt layer that diminishes the fresh look and increases the risk of paint deterioration. 


Uncleaned dust inside the car affects your vehicle’s performance too. Car carburetors accumulate dust, debris, and grease. If left as is for long, it clogs fuel and air reaching the engine and slows down the car or even halts it.  


Car interiors and dirty carpets collect food particles, coffee spills, and pet allergens. This may cause odors and even lead to illness for vulnerable passengers.

Washing your car

For a car lover, there is nothing more gratifying than handling the cleaning of the crevices and corners themselves. It gives you more control and allows you to go deeper for cleaning. If you’re passionate about car maintenance, you can bring yourself up to speed on the nuances of DIY car washes.  

The process

There is a first time for everything, so read the care instructions in detail before use or application. You may take longer to gather the materials required for the first wash. The subsequent washes will be faster, and you won’t need to read the instructions every time.

The wheels require cleaning first before moving to the windows, headlights, and windows, being the most used and closest to the road. You can use two or three buckets: one with water, one with a soapy solution or rinsing, and the third bucket for a stronger solution. After cleaning, you must polish or wax your car for a more glossy look. 

Pros and cons of manual car wash

Some of the most common damages during manual car washes are paint damage, scratches, and water stains. Due to limited experience and a rush to finish the job, people may skip reading all instructions leading to a scrappy wash. DIY car washes are time intensive, even after a lot of washes. It is physically demanding to wash, scrub, dry, and polish every car part. It is only a favorable choice if you’re short of time and can patiently labor through regularly washing your car.

Getting your car washed by a professional

You benefit from trained professionals and specialized techniques, tools, and equipment when you go for a professional car wash. Since the pro team handles several car make and models, they’re better equipped to apply the appropriate wash techniques for your car. Pro car services include car wash home service, steam car wash, etc. If you enjoy the service, ask for annual contracts that’ll lead to more savings than individual washes.  

The process:

All you have to do is hand over your car keys to the car wash professionals, and you will receive a pristine-looking, shiny, and spotless car when done. Some drive-through car washes even allow you to be seated in your car while your car is cleaned, washed, and polished within a few minutes. Some add-ons like interior cleaning and vacuuming also help to get a deep cleaning done.

Pros and cons:

Professional car washing is for car owners who need more time. Leave your car on a Sunday morning and get it shining by the afternoon. You can find car washes with home pick-up and drop service if you’re looking for more convenience. Speak to your friends and family if they’ve tried any car washes. Based on their experience and online customer reviews, you can pick the right car wash professional service. 

What should you pick: A car wash at home or with a professional? 

Go for a home car wash if you can dedicate time and be careful initially to follow the instructions. Things can go wrong if you don’t use the recommended materials or over-scrubbing. Automated and professional car washes are expensive but help you save time and do the job perfectly. True car enthusiasts can even wash it whenever they have spare time. Professional car washing services are worth the money spent because of their knowledge of several cars and many years of experience. Make an informed choice weighing both options to keep your vehicle in the best care.

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