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CCNA certification


In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, obtaining a professional certification can significantly impact your career prospects and earning potential. The Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA Certification is one such credential that holds immense value in the IT industry. But how much can you actually make with just a CCNA certification? Let’s delve into the details and explore the financial rewards that come with this certification.

Understanding the CCNA Certification:

What is CCNA?:

The CCNA Certification, offered by Cisco, is an entry-level credential that validates your skills and knowledge in networking fundamentals. Network access, IP connectivity, IP services, basic security concepts, automation, and programmability are just a few of the many topics it addresses.

Benefits of CCNA Certification:

Earning a CCNA certification provides several benefits:

Enhanced Skillset:

CCNA equips you with the foundational skills needed to design, implement, operate, and troubleshoot networks.

Industry Recognition:

The certification is recognized globally and is a testament to your expertise in networking.

Career Opportunities:

CCNA opens doors to various job roles in networking, such as network administrator, network engineer, or support technician.

Salary Boost:

A CCNA certification can lead to a significant increase in your earning potential.

CCNA Salary Overview:

Entry-Level Positions:

Upon obtaining a CCNA certification, you can expect to start with entry-level positions, which can include:

Network Support Technician:

This role involves providing technical support to end-users, troubleshooting network issues, and assisting with network maintenance.

Junior Network Administrator:

Junior administrators help in maintaining network infrastructure, ensuring its smooth operation, and assisting senior administrators.

The average salary for these positions ranges from £20,000 to £35,000 per year, depending on factors such as location, company size, and your level of experience.

Mid-Level Positions:

As you gain experience and expertise, you can move up the career ladder to mid-level positions, such as:

Network Engineer:

Network engineers design and implement network solutions, optimize performance, and ensure security.

Systems Administrator:

These professionals manage an organization’s IT infrastructure, including servers, networks, and software.
For mid-level positions, the average salaries can range from £40,000 to £60,000 per year.

Senior-Level Positions:

With years of experience and a CCNA certification as a foundation, you can aspire to senior-level roles, including:

Senior Network Engineer:

Senior engineers lead network design projects, oversee network teams, and address complex challenges.
IT Manager: IT managers are responsible for the overall technology infrastructure of an organization and its alignment with business goals.

Salaries for senior-level positions can exceed £70,000 per year, with potential for even higher earnings in larger companies or metropolitan areas.

Factors Influencing CCNA Salaries:

Several factors influence how much you can make with a CCNA certification:


The more experience you have, the more valuable you become to employers.

Geographic Location:

Salaries vary based on the cost of living in different regions.

Company Size:

Larger companies often offer higher salaries to experienced professionals.


Specializing in a specific area, such as security or cloud networking, can boost your earning potential.


Earning a CCNA certification can be a stepping stone to a rewarding career in the IT industry. From entry-level positions to senior management roles, the CCNA opens doors to a wide range of opportunities with competitive salaries. Your earning potential with a CCNA largely depends on factors such as your experience, location, and the level of responsibility you undertake.


Is CCNA certification worth it for beginners?

Absolutely. CCNA certification provides a strong foundation and increases employability in the IT field.

Can I get a well-paying job with just a CCNA?

Yes, a CCNA certification can lead to well-paying roles, especially as you gain experience.

What other certifications can complement CCNA for higher earnings?

Certifications like CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) and CompTIA Security+ can enhance your expertise and earning potential.

Are there job opportunities abroad with a CCNA?

Yes, CCNA is globally recognized, opening doors to job opportunities around the world.

How often should I renew my CCNA certification?

CCNA certifications are valid for three years. Renewal can be done by retaking the CCNA exam or pursuing advanced certifications.

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