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Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoos have been synonymous with faith, religion, hope, and a divine connection for most people. And whenever we talk about these tattoos, we are naturally inclined toward Christianity. But contrary to popular belief, these tattoos show a considerable variety in their designs and meaning with the change of culture. (1)

Want to know the history and changing significance of these tattoos? Let’s start!

The Origin Of Cross Tattoos

It is not difficult to imagine that cross tattoos date back to the Crusades. The soldiers used these tattoos to flaunt their religious and spiritual beliefs. 

Again, if you broaden the horizon of your research, you will see that cross tattoos go back to as early as 2000 BC in ancient Egypt. Crosses with small dots were drawn for therapeutic purposes on body areas suffering from strain and degeneration. 

However, you must make a note that a cross tattoo is more evolved today with the influence of many cultures and beliefs. Taking one step further, I can say that these tattoos have become secular with common spiritual notions of positivity, protection from negative energies, and hope.

Now that you know the history and significance of cross tattoos, it’s time to know how it changes with different cultures and designs.

Different Cross Tattoos With Designs And Significance

Cross tattoos are powerful and still have some profound spiritual significance attached to them. So, before you pick a design for yourself, it’s important to know its meaning.

Here are some cross tattoos I find the most meaningful.

The Organizer Cross Tattoos

When you draw a cross inside a circle, the design denotes the organizer. This design also means that the cross stands still, and the world revolves around it. 

This design further means the quarterly energy, time, and space division.

Going deeper, this becomes synonymous with a radiating and analytical mind that can make decisions themselves.

So, you can have this tattoo on your forearm, neck, or chest to establish a spiritual connection. 

The Christian Cross Tattoos

This is, of course, the most common cross-tattoo design you will come across. However, artists have taken their creative liberties throughout the years in making these designs.

Soaked in deep spiritual and religious beliefs, these tattoos also emerged as symbols of pride, strength, and honor.

You can get these tattoos drawn with flowers or create the Crucifixion of Jesus as your body art. 

Christian cross tattoos become more beautiful when drawn on a bigger canvas. So, you can get them inked on your back, shoulders, or chest. 

Tau Cross Tattoos

Tau cross tattoos are some of the oldest tattoo designs you will come across. These designs feature a cross in a T-shape and are usually associated with redemption and martyrdom. 

These designs are popular because they can be designed with a lot of adornments and detailing. You can get simple line drawings or ones colored with various shades. 

Tao tattoos are ideal for inking on forearms. However, if you want a dainty version, you can get it done on your wrist.

The Celtic Cross Tattoos

The Celtic cross tattoos are also very popular these days. These tattoos come with a cross design with a halo or ring in the center. 

The ring at the center is the most significant in this symbol, and it establishes the endless bond of the creator with human beings. Again, some believe it to be the emblem of infinite love.

In addition, many people perceive the Celtic cross tattoos as talismans or protective charms against bad luck and negative energy.

Furthermore, Celtic cross tattoos now stand as the symbol of nationality and ethnicity for Irish people. Overall, this symbol has a lot of interpretations.

Celtic cross tattoos look the best when done with only black ink. However, you can always add finer details and colors. 

Ankh Cross Tattoos

As I just mentioned, cross tattoos have a deep association with ancient Egyptian culture. The Ankh cross tattoos come from Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols, and it symbolizes the most beautiful thing, life. 

Egyptians also call the Ankh cross the symbol of the key to the Nile. For them, the Nile is synonymous with eternal life. Further, some believe the Ankh to be the original or actual cross created by the Africans.

Now, Ankh has a very powerful meaning, denoting rebirth or afterlife. It is even seen as a good luck charm. So, you can definitely wear this powerful symbol as a tattoo for bringing good luck and spiritual protection.

Maltese Cross Tattoos

Have you heard of the Knights Hospitaller? Today, it is the oldest serving chivalry order in the world. These Maltese cross designs or tattoos have deep associations with this order of knights. These knights had this symbol as their badge, and it has been in use since the foundation of the order in Jerusalem in 1080.

The design is made of four triangles forming the shape of a cross. It symbolizes faith, bravery, charity, and hope. Also, many people associated with military forces flaunt this design as tattoos.

In addition, these tattoos are also seen as protective talismans. So, you can wear them to safeguard your luck and protection from negative energies.

These tattoos are meant to be flaunted. So, you can get them on your forearms or nape. Use red or black as their colors, and of course, you can go for a lot of detailing. 

Modern Cross Tattoos

Modern cross tattoos can be called an umbrella term for all the creative changes added/made these days. Today, you will see a lot of variations in the simple cross designs. Cross tattoos can have the name of your loved one, spiritual words/mantras, motivational quotes, and so many other things.

Sometimes, these are also beautified with animal or floral motifs to enhance the aesthetic appeal. However, since this symbol has a deep spiritual connection, be a little careful while adding the elements.

Summing Up

Cross tattoos come with deep religious and spiritual meanings and are also associated with the history of different cultures. That’s great because you have a lot of options to explore and get wide inspiration while creating a personal style for tattoos.

So, manifest the love, life, hope, and protection you seek with cross-inspired tattoos. Find the best tattoo artist near you to get the best designs inked.

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