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At a first glance, you may think that French doors and double doors are the same types of fixture and, in lots of ways, they are. There are, however, some differences between the two that you may not notice. 

One of the main differences between double doors and French doors is the material in which they are crafted. Double doors are often made of solid wood, whereas French doors are crafted with panes of glass which helps flood the space with natural light. 

Doors which are crafted solely from wood are not as durable and secure as those crafted from UPVC or aluminium which means that French doors can be more secure and last longer than their wooden double door counterparts. Bi-Fold doors are another alternative that also provide added security to your home, You can read more about how secure bi fold doors are here.

French doors usually open outwards into an exterior space, which allows for more room in your home and make the fixture ideal for smaller rooms that struggle with little or no space.

French doors can be installed as external doors and, here at White Eagle Windows & Doors, we have a wide range of external options for you to choose from, including UPVC French Doors and Aluminium French Doors.

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We also offer a create your own French Door service, where you can customise your own French Doors to the exact specifications that you desire, including colour, width, style and even glass type.

What are the benefits of French doors? 

If you are wondering whether or not you should install French doors then it is wise to consider what they can bring to your home. Here is a list of points that your home could benefit from if you decide to install French doors to your property. 

  • Light – the benefit of having french doors is that they provide lots of natural light to flood your interior space. This, in turn, makes the space feel airy and bigger than a room with little natural light. 
  • Security – the double glazed window and aluminium reinforced frames of our french doors make them one of the most secure fittings available and will keep your property safe from intruders. 
  • Efficiency – the French doors available here at White Eagle Windows & Doors will help you save on your energy bills as the heat will stay in your property and won’t escape through any gaps in the framework. 
  • Durability – the hard-wearing fixture is sure to last for decades and is a timeless piece that you won’t have to worry about over time. 
  • Light – the glass panes in the fitting ensure that lots of natural light can flood into your home and make it look open and airy. 

How to stop french doors blowing in the wind

It can be frustrating when the weather is too hot for the doors to be closed but it’s too windy outside for you to keep them open without them blowing. Here at White Eagle Windows & Doors, we have a few tips for you to implement which will help keep your doors open and in place. 

  • Install hooks to the outside of your property and using a rope you can loop the handle to the hook to ensure that movement is minimal and doesn’t cause the doors to bang or blow in the wind. 
  • Another option is to install a wedge doorstop which can be wedged into the fitting when you have the doors open and can be removed when you want to shut the doors. These are available online for a fairly cheap price. 
  • Alternatively, you could use a large plant pot from the garden to keep the doors open. Be sure to lift the pot in a safe way as this could cause injury to the lower back if not moved correctly. 

Finding the right French Doors for you

If you are struggling to find the right french doors for your needs you should consider browsing through the diverse selection available here at White Eagle Windows & Doors. We have a diverse range for you to choose from, including colours which match both contemporary and traditional settings.

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Our bespoke Design Your Own French Door service comes in both uPVC and Aluminium options for you to choose from depending on your needs. 

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