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Epson Printers are no doubt optimum for quality printing. But, when it stops printing without notifying you, it is so terrific. In that scenario, nothing can be more challenging than annihilating the Epson Printer Not Printing problem. However, the responsibility of eradicating this issue will completely come into your hands. Somehow, you will be helpless as you are not enough proficient to bring back your printer working state. Providentially, we compile the powerful yet effective fixing tips in the blog post for your better help. Continue reading and learning!

Prevalent Culprits Behind Epson Printer Not Printing

Before landing in the fixing section, you need to identify the actual reason why your Epson Printer Won’t Print.

Here’s the list of feasible causes that may trigger your printer problem:

· The printer’s connection is probably inappropriate or loose.

·       Outdated or corrupted Epson Printer drivers.

·       Insufficient ink installed in the cartridge.

·       Sometimes, it is a paper stack that loads in the tray causing the Printer Not Printing issue.

·       Multiple print jobs stuck in the printer queue.

·       Paper jamming.

·       Ink cartridges are possibly inserted but not correctly fitted.

·       PrintHead is stuffed with dried ink.

Epson Printer Not Printing – Try These Effectual Fixes

It’s very infuriating when your Epson Printer Not Printing and refuses to accomplish the print job without any specific reason. However, getting your Epson Printer to print with fixing this problem is not easy and straightforward. Here are the troubleshooting solutions you need to implement to get the printer won’t print problem fixed from the root. Let’s begin!

Fixes 1: Check Your Printer Connection

Connection conundrums can prevent your printer from printing anything. So, the very first and foremost thing you should check is the connectivity of your printer. Many of you use USB cables for connecting your printer to your computer. So, make sure it is non-defective and firmly inserted.

Some of the Epson Printer users prefer wireless connection. So, for them, it is essential to check the Wi-Fi network settings and also place the printer nearer to the router for a strong connection.

Fixes 2: Examine The Loaded Paper Stack

Sometimes, paper problems can cause the occurrence of Epson Printer Not Printing. So, make sure the correct size of papers for your Epson Printer is loaded in the input tray. Insert the wrinkled-free paper neatly and precisely in the tray.

Furthermore, open the printer tray and look for any paper jams. Jams will stop your printer from delivering printouts. Therefore, immediately remove any torn or small piece of paper that is stuck inside the printer. After clearing the jammed paper, attempt to print again.

Fixes 3: Clean Your Epson Printer Heads

If the nozzle of your printer printhead is clogged with dried ink or dust particles, then your Epson Printer Won’t Print at any cost. So, it is good to dislodge the dust accumulated on the printhead nozzle and then start printing. You can do it either by using the PrintHead Cleaning tool or by manually unblocking the printhead.

a.     Use Cleaning Tool

  • Open the Toolbox on your Epson Printer.
  • Select the “Maintenance” tab.
  • Click on the “Print Head Cleaning” tab from the menu.
  • Tap “Yes” for the confirmation of running the tool.
  • Hit “OK” to begin the cleaning process.
  • Wait until the process ends and the printhead gets cleaned.

b.     Manually Unclog PrintHead

  •  Use a lint-free cloth.
  •  Dampen it with a cleaning solution or distilled water.
  •  Insert the cloth into the nozzle carefully and thoroughly clean the dried ink.
  • Then, attempt to print.

Fixes 4: Check Default Printer Settings

Another problem is that you might have not set your Epson Printer as a default printer in your Windows system. This could be the reason why the Epson Printer Not Printing. So, let’s adjust the default printer settings by performing the below steps:

·       First, open the Control Panel on your Windows Desktop.

·       Next, go to the “Devices and Printers” section.

·       Now, if your Epson printer is not set to default, place right-click on the “Epson Printer” tab and click “Set as default.”

·       After doing so the printer will have a green checkmark.

Fixes 5: Keep Your Printer Driver Up-to-date

Faulty drivers installed against your Epson Printer will impact the printing performance. So, if your driver is outdated or corrupted, make it uninstall first. Thereafter, visit the official Epson website and then download & install the latest launched drivers for your printer.

Additionally, go through the below guidelines to upgrade your driver:

·       Open the Run dialog box on your Windows.

·       Enter “devmgmt.msc” in the search field and press the “OK” tab.

·       Go to the printing or print queue section.

·       Right-click on the “Epson Printer” tab, and then select “Update Driver” from the list.

·       Select the “Check for automatically updated driver program” option if prompted.

·       Follow the on-screen directives to continue the installation of the upgraded version of the printer driver.

Epson Printer Online Support For Epson Printer Not Printing

Are you still seeking professional help? The Epson Printer Not Printing problem is unfortunately unsolved even after the appropriate implementation of the aforesaid fixes. Don’t worry! Reach out to Epson Printer Online Support or an adroit technician. They will provide cost-effective solutions so you can restore your printer’s functionality within a jiffy.

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