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Fashion blogs can be an engaging way to showcase your personal style to the world, while many bloggers make money off their posts with ads and affiliate links.

These blogs not only offer readers access to a range of clothing options, but they also provide advice and inspiration on grooming and styling – making them invaluable resources for men seeking to expand their wardrobes.

Fashion Blogs for Women

Fashion blogs provide more in-depth fashion trends and styling advice, making them a go-to resource for advice regarding beauty, travel and lifestyle matters. Instagram may provide short bursts of style inspiration but fashion blogs provide deeper dives.

Mercer 7 is an essential fashion blog for minimalist styles. Established by two stylists who were friends, it provides timeless outfit ideas through capsule wardrobes that remain trendy season after season.

Lovely in LA is another fashion blog that emphasizes minimalism, providing outfits for women who prefer dressing in black. Their founders are experts in fashion, travel and lifestyle – their advice has amassed millions of followers!

Fashion Blogs for Men

There are many fashion blogs for men that provide advice for looking sharp without breaking the bank. One such resource is Man About Town which features advice on hairstyling to blazers – offering advice from hairstyling to multimedia tools like text, video and photography making this resource one of the strongest resources for menswear on the web.

Dappered is a men’s style blog that blends fashion advice with consumer reports. Their regular “eBay Roundup” posts give readers all of the latest auctions and sales online that may offer expensive items at discounted prices.

Kinowear also provides a large selection of men’s fashion articles, featuring discussions by casual menswear designers on polo shirts and watchmakers on expensive watches. Their content may not update as frequently, but their quality remains consistent!

High Fashion Blogs

Oracle Fox was established by Amanda Shatforth and features photos that would fit right in with an exclusive fashion magazine, runway breakdowns and travel updates. It has quickly become one of the premier fashion blogs.

Victoria Magrath, Ph.D.’s blog has also proven highly popular; Glamour and The Times have both recognized its success.

Fashion bloggers come from all different niches – high fashion to men’s styles – with many offering advice that focuses on images rather than text – such as mirror selfies or professionally taken pictures. Fashion blogs can help you develop a style tailored specifically to you and your lifestyle.

Budget Blogs

Budget blogs can still provide great sources of style inspiration. Bloggers also rely on free or low-cost tools such as social media management tools to promote their content; for instance, automate posts at times when audiences are most active – saving both time and money!

Bloggers also frequently rely on free or low-cost graphic design tools like Canva or Adobe Spark to produce visual content, saving them both money and effort in creating logos or other designs for their blogs. This approach can save time when creating visual assets.

Glamazon Diaries is another highly-recognized fashion blog, providing fashion, lifestyle, travel and wedding advice as well as providing inspiration. Anyone seeking to improve their style should definitely read this blog.

Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle blogs cover an expansive array of topics such as fashion, beauty, travel, food and relationships – not to mention being very visually-driven – so identifying an excellent website design theme is crucial to their success.

Lifestyle bloggers must establish a specific niche to avoid confusing search engines and losing traffic. SmarterQueue can help by scheduling blog posts in advance so you don’t need to create new content regularly.

Julia of Wit & Delight runs a blog focusing on personal style, DIY projects and home decor. She incorporates affiliate marketing into her posts and maintains a Shop page to offer products to her readers. Julia can also be found active on Instagram and Facebook as she posts daily photos from her life.

By Almas Sajid

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