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Many people like to listen to music, so they often see many people wearing earphones when walking on the road. Generally, in-ear Headphones are a very good choice when walking on the street. Next, I will talk about how to judge whether in-ear earphones good or bad.

Sound Insulation

  1. Because the in-ear headphones are directly plugged into the ears, the sound insulation effect is very good. Even in noisy neighborhoods, you can hear songs and the people next to you can’t hear the sound in your headphones.
  2. Comfort: The comfort of earphones is very important. Generally, poor in-ear earphones will feel uncomfortable after wearing them for a while, but good earphones will not.
  3. Sound quality: The most important thing about earphones is the sound quality. Generally, the bass is dull, the midrange is light, and the treble is not broken. Even if it is a good earphone, it mainly depends on the resolution of music by your ears.


In-ear headphones have the best bass among all headphones because of their good sound isolation, so if you like bass, in-ear headphones are your best choice.


At present, there are many appearances of in-ear headphones on the market, but you must choose durable ones. Don’t choose fancy ones that will break once you use them. Try to choose branded earplugs. Currys Discount Code NHS 


Generally, good earphones will bring several pairs of earplugs to suit the size of different ears. Only by choosing earplugs that suit your ears can you enjoy music better.

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How to Wear In-Ear Headphones Properly

In a noisy environment, people often cannot enjoy the perfect music melody because they wear the earphones incorrectly. Today I will tell you how to wear in-ear headphones more comfortably.


  • earbuds
  • earplugs of different sizes


First, choose the earmuffs that match your ears, insert the earmuffs into the ears, push them inward a little, and fully expand the earmuffs with your hands to seal the ear canal.

When wearing the left ear, grasp the earlobe of the left ear with your hand, pull down the earlobe to widen the ear canal; then, gently push the earmuff further into the ear canal with your index finger, and stop when it is sealed.

Let go of the earlobe, the ear canal returns to its original shape, and the earphones are ready to wear. The same goes for the right ear.

Note: In-ear headphones play very loudly, you need to turn down the volume so that the texture of the bass will be better. Don’t wear headphones too often, it’s not good for your ears.

How to Wear Semi-in-Ear Headphones Correctly

In-ear headphones are a gadget that many people like to listen to music and watch TV. They are anti-interference, beautiful in sound and easy to carry.

But many people say that the earphones are too small and often fall out. In fact, this is not a problem with headphones, because most people will not use them correctly. Let me teach you how to use in-ear headphones.


  1. In fact, wearing headphones is not simply stuffed into the ears, it requires the correct method. First choose the earmuffs that suit you.
  2. First find the direction of the left and right ears of the headset. Insert the earmuffs into the ears, push them inward slightly, and fully inflate the earmuffs by hand to seal the ear canal.  Best Products can understand Which products is more suitable for you.
  3. When wearing headphones, hold the earlobe of the ear with your hand, and pull down the earlobe to widen the ear canal. Slowly push the headset in with your fingers, stopping when it seals.
  4. Put on the earphones. Next, you need to play music. Feel the volume of the sound played by Yinjie Guangbo, and whether it is uncomfortable when playing music. If you feel uncomfortable, you can pull down the earlobe to adjust the degree of insomnia of the earphones.


  • Choose the earphones that suit you.
  • Wearing headphones should be divided into left and right.
  • Adjust the earphone and pull down the earlobe and push it into the ear canal, and release it after adjustment.


  • don’t confuse left and right
  • Wear your own headphones

How to dismantle in-ear headphones

Let’s take a look at what the in-ear headphones look like after dismantling


  1. First of all, we need to unscrew the earphone cap to facilitate the next operation:
  2. Unscrew the earphone shell forcefully, remember not to unscrew it violently, otherwise the sliding wire will not recover:
  3. After disassembly, the first thing we opened was the earphone conduit:
  4. The other main thing to see is a drive: the one with the magnets:
  5. If it is an unnecessary earphone, you can disassemble it further, and you can see the voice coil, front cavity cover (that is the diaphragm)

How to plug in-ear Headphones into the Computer

  1. How to plug in-ear headphones into the computer? Generally, we don’t want to be affected by other sounds or affect others when we use earphones, such as in the middle of the night, but we don’t have special earphones. How can we plug in the earphones of mobile phones to the computer John Lewis Voucher Codes NHS
  2. First, let’s see where the host can be plugged in, as shown in the figure
  3. In the rear is generally the middle green is the sound output
  4. But since the in-ear headphone cable is not long, it is not easy to plug in the back
  5. So we can plug in the front hole, there is a headphone icon here
  6. After plugging in, the computer audio is usually still ringing, we can right-click the speaker in the lower right corner
  7. In the small pop-up window, click the playback device in the middle
  8. Find the headset option on the top, and right click to bring up the small menu
  9. Click to set as default device and communication device respectively
  10. After that, the computer’s default audio output is to the headphones.

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