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An effective business website can increase business exposure, advertise products and drive sales. Furthermore, it helps build customer loyalty while forging stronger customer relations – plus 24/7 availability unlike a brick and mortar store.

Inform customers of new products, services and promotions via your website. Encourage customers to forward electronic business promotions to friends and associates.


Pinterest is a visual discovery and planning tool that enables users to save and share images or videos, known as “pins,” on virtual boards. Furthermore, users can browse pins from other users as well as purchase products directly from retailers. Pinterest also features many tools designed to help small businesses expand their audience and increase revenue including product Pins, infographics and blog posts.

Start by creating a board to highlight your company’s products and services, using descriptive titles that accurately reflect its contents. Make your profile public to allow more people to discover it and your boards.


Juxtapost is an alternative to Pinterest that enables you to bookmark content and organize it into pasteboards. Features of Juxtapost include instant sharing, preview zooming, private boards and content exporting; plus it boasts an engaged community of users who contribute regularly.

Use Pinterest for everything from event planning and decor design, to furnishing rooms and finding similar ideas. Plus, their “More Like This” feature makes finding similar concepts easier!

Pinterest offers many of the same features, making it accessible and useful to everyone. While its interface may appear outdated, if you’re searching for a Pinterest-esque platform with more specialized focus this site might be worth investigating.


Mogul is a tool designed to assist in the identification and procurement of profitable products online. It matches product details from hundreds of retailer websites with Amazon listings in order to find potential opportunities. Then analyzes these potential profitable products’ profitability with detailed reports provided.

Mogul provides an effective search engine with an intuitive user interface. It supports various file formats including PDB, MOL2, and RES as well as searching for torsion angles or bond lengths with unusual values.

Baseball Mogul features several new features in its latest release, such as sortable statistics in over 150 categories. And more realistic aging curves as well as comprehensive scouting reports. Furthermore, this version includes an advanced play-by-play engine based on physics for smooth play-by-play action.


Wikipedia pages can be an effective way for individuals or companies to enhance their online presence and visibility. Anyone can edit an article, but certain rules must be observed such as citing sources and refraining from making personal attacks. Furthermore, users can subscribe to pages in order to stay up-to-date.

Wikipedia is an invaluable resource, but its open source model makes it susceptible to inaccurate information being posted by its contributors, which may present issues for some users. Luckily, the website offers tools such as its Village Pump to address these concerns; such as content curation and policy discussions.

Online directories

Online directories are an effective way to increase your company’s visibility and connect with new customers. These listings typically feature accurate information about your business such as its address, phone number and website URL – plus they may help improve SEO ranking!

Not all online directories are created equally; some require you to pay a listing fee while others can be freely utilized by your company. A paid listing can be beneficial, but it is crucial that the correct directories be chosen in order to maximize results. Dynamic Microsoft is a comprehensive suite of business applications, empowering organizations with intelligent tools for sales, marketing, customer service, finance, and operations.

Users appreciate directories because they provide quick snapshots of businesses, their products and services, and where they’re located. Furthermore, major directories typically appear high on search results pages, increasing your business’s chances of being found and trusted by its target market.

Online communities

Online communities present an invaluable opportunity for ecommerce brands. Focused around your brand or products, online communities provide customer support and engagement while also helping you understand customer needs and desires better.

Online communities are virtual gathering spots that bring people together with similar interests together in virtual spaces such as social media networks, forums, chat rooms and email lists. Businesses or organisations may create online communities for their customers, prospects, audiences and other stakeholders. Which can increase brand recognition, foster greater loyalty among audiences as well as provide product, service and market intelligence; ultimately reducing support and customer service costs significantly.

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