Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

The blog is about some of the essential ingredients present in the mass weight gainer that can help a person gain weight in a healthy manner. The medical conditions that should avoid this supplement are even discussed below. Continue reading to find out the same. 

What does a mass weight gainer have?

HIGH CALORIES – one of the ideal situations via which an individual can gain mass is by eating more calories. The mass weight gainer is known for containing supplements that have more calories in them. This will make sure that your body is given enough so that it utilises the best to give it to your muscles

PROTEIN BLEND – increasing the weight of the body in a healthy manner requires your bones to be strong. Protein intake will make sure that the calories that you are consuming are efficiently absorbed into the body. 

CARBOHYDRATES – this is specifically for fueling you for the workout. The body needs to be repeatedly replenished in terms of stored glucose for the purpose of gaining weight. After working out, you need to make sure that you eat properly so that your muscles get enough for storage. 

When to avoid weight gainer consumption for increasing mass?

It is recommended to not resort to mass weight gainer when you are suffering from:

Diabetes – gym supplements like mass gainers are known to possess a high GI. This is because of the ample amount of sugar present in the weight gainers. The supplements are known for the high presence of carbohydrates in them. Diabetic patients are therefore recommended not to consume high levels of these supplements. They tend to spike the blood sugar levels in the body that can adversely affect the individual. 

Kidney diseases – the consumption of whey protein that is present in large quantities in the mass weight gainer can prove dangerous for the normal functioning of the kidneys. If you have a disease in your Kidneys then consider not resorting to any other form of protein which can hamper regular functioning. 


It is important that you get the right advice when it comes to gaining weight. Do not fall for any misconceptions in your journey of weight gain. The above blog was about some of the ingredients that are a must have if you are willing to procure mass weight gainer. Some of the medical situations where you should be more precautious in consuming such supplements were provided. 

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