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Introduction of internet & computer

 The networking infrastructure known as the Internet is a vast network collection. In order to create a network where any computer can speak with any other computer system as long as they are both linked to the Internet, it gathers millions of computers worldwide. In other terms, it’s internet a global network of interconnected computer systems that joins millions of devices and allows for the transmission of information such as the information, news, and opinions.

To assist billions of consumers worldwide, it makes use of TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. TCP/IP is referred to as the Internet’s “backbone” for this reason. It is seen as a network of networks made up of thousands of connections between private as well as public academic, commercial, and governmental institutions.

In the article, we will discover

The benefits of the Internet

access to all the information, knowledge, and education on the world

improved communication across distances between individuals, groups, and organisations

being able to work from residence, particularly when it’s difficult to work elsewhere

educating the public and collecting money or resources for philanthropic endeavours, such as during a natural disaster or when carrying out an animal rescue

facilitating quick access to sports and entertainment

Making early payments to creditors and energy companies to prevent late fees and shutoffs by checking bank account and the balances on your credit instantly

the capability to quickly save data off-site, using a cloud storage system,

Major Points

Each internet-connected device has a specific IP address, also known as Internet Protocol address. An IP address is a specific string of numbers that locates a computer (for example,

In order for the user to be able to locate a computer by name, a specific computer called a DNS (Domain Name Server) is used to assign a name to the IP Address.

For instance, a DNS server will translate the name   to a specific IP address in order to identify the computer that hosts this website.

Every user on the planet has access to the Internet.

An ISP, or Internet Service Provider, enables consumers to use landlines to access the internet from their homes or places of business. 

Online Addiction: Short-Term and Long-Term Effects

Unfinished activities, neglected obligations, and weight gain are just a few of the short-term impacts of an online addiction. Physical symptoms including backache, neck pain, wrist syndrome, and visual issues brought on by prolonged screen staring are more indicative of long-term damage. Additionally, it can result in bankruptcy, particularly if the time spent online is devoted mostly for gaming, gambling, and shopping.

In addition to their dependence on the World Wide Web, internet addicts may experience technostress, in which they internalise aspects of computers like accelerated time and flawless results. Additionally, it might lead to social disengagement, making one feel more at ease dealing with others online as opposed to in person.

Online Addicts’ Antidepressant Drug Abuse, Dependence, and Withdrawal

Antidepressant use to treat an internet dependency can result in drug dependence as well. Antidepressant withdrawal should always be done gradually and under medical supervision, just as it is done for those receiving treatment for depression.

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