Sun. Nov 26th, 2023
Introducing Two Cutting-Edge Infrastructure Machines

In modern construction, the right machinery can shape the course of progress. Join us in this micro-blog as we delve into the world of two remarkable infrastructure machines that are driving innovation on construction sites. Let’s explore the CAT 424 B2 and the ACE 12XW.

Featuring CAT 424 B2 & ACE 12XW

CAT 424 B2 Backhoe Loader

The CAT 424 B2 is a prime example of precision engineering and raw power. With a hydraulic oil capacity of 38 litres, this machine ensures consistent and efficient performance. Its maximum lift capacity of 2642 kg speaks to its ability to handle substantial loads.

The loader bucket capacity and reach full height are thoughtfully designed to meet industry standards, making it an asset in various construction scenarios. The machine’s impressive reach of 2632 mm at full height is complemented by an operating weight of 7911 kg, guaranteeing stability and control.

The 1-cubic-meter backhoe bucket capacity enhances its material-handling capabilities. The CAT backhoe loader price ranges between Rs. 34 Lakhs and Rs. 36 Lakhs, is a strategic investment for professionals seeking precision and strength.

ACE 12XW Crane

The ACE 12XW brings efficiency to new heights with its advanced features. Boasting a 6-meter boom length, this machine enables superior reach and versatility. While specific ground contact pressure and turning radius details may vary, its capability to navigate challenging terrains is evident. With a maximum lifting capacity of 12 tons and a height of 13 meters, the ACE 12XW is equipped for a range of lifting tasks. Its maximum speed of 28 kmph ensures efficient on-site transportation. This ACE crane price in India is between Rs. 13 Lakhs and Rs. 15 Lakhs, providing exceptional value for those seeking elevation capabilities and performance.

Conclusion: Explore Further at InfraJunction

The CAT 424 B2 and the ACE 12XW machines embody cutting-edge innovations propelling the construction industry forward. Visit Infra Junction to gain deeper insights into their specifications, features, and potential to elevate your construction projects. Discover how these machines can redefine efficiency and effectiveness on your construction site.

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