Sun. Nov 26th, 2023

The Umrah pilgrimage is a beautiful thing. As one of the five pillars of Islam, it is definitely on every Muslim’s list. In addition to fulfilling our Muslim obligations, this is an incredible sight as millions of Muslims come together for a common goal.


I went to Umrah last year at the age of 52. I am single (divorced in 2015), asked for Umrah in 2016, and made several appeals in 2017, and Alhamdulillah was able to come to Umrah in 2023. I was traveling with a disabled woman in her 70s, so I tried to get there earlier than planned. But still the umrah packages 2023 provided by UC were the most incredible thing.

My first visit to Makkah was in 2013 when I performed Umrah, and then in 2016 and 2023, also for Umrah. Therefore, this is not my first time seeing Kaaba in my Umrah. However, the feeling differed when I watched first time of my Umrah and Umrah. Nimat (blessing) to visit the Kaaba and to be one of Allah’s guests is unbelievable. Tears continued to flow in the dua after salat. Tawaf is a challenge as the crowds are much larger than in the Umrah period. And thanks to the umrah packages 2023 from Canada i was able to travel with comfort.


Subhanallah, it was an eye-opening experience. However, the most memorable thing was the march from Mina’s camp to Jamrahtul Aqabah (the place of stoning). We had to walk about 4 km with thousands of people from all walks of life from all over the world in one direction and recite the praises of Allah and Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. The experience and setting are unforgettable.

Another major incident occurred during a storm that occurred in the Mina camp. We had just started Maghreb prayers as Jemaah when the storm hit and blew away the canvas door and all the sides. We felt the roof was about to collapse, but none of us stopped praying or leaving, or even crying. But the noise around the camp was very loud because we could hear things blowing and crashing everywhere. After we finished praying, the storm stopped. It was only 3 minutes, but the feeling at that time was extremely scary. During the prayers, I thought Allah was trying to tell us something, and we were glad we got out of the storm. These all memories were made possible due to the umrah packages 2023.


I entered my Umrah contest in 2002 when I was 23 years old with my parents and siblings.

I was speechless and stunned when I first saw the Ka’abah. I still vividly remember being on the bus, and the bus turned to Masjidil Haram. Knowing that the Kaaba was inside and seeing the mosque brought tears to my eyes.

Imagine the first time I stood in front of the Kaabah. It’s so surreal. During that time, we could only see Kaabah on TV, in printed photos, and maybe on a prayer rug. But the first time I watched it, I couldn’t contain myself. Being in the same area where our prophets used to stand gives me mixed feelings about everything. It’s so sad.


The most memorable thing was when my parents called my siblings and me to say they were taking us to Umrah (only my parents had called then). Weeks before departure). We were excited but also scared and didn’t know what would happen. We have tears in our eyes when we think about how our parents have been saving little by little since we were little to be able to do all this. It’s like a family spiritual journey. My family is just a middle-income family. So to think that our parents saved up for us so we could travel abroad, and not just ANY trip abroad, was a considerable surprise. I am very grateful to my parents.

We went to Umrah around 2002. At the time, smartphones weren’t as readily available as they are today, and if you own one, there isn’t a camera app either. So my memories inside the mosques were in my head a lot, my memories. I remember bringing a camera to Masjidil Haram, but to no avail. All the bags were checked and passed to the female security guards at the gate I entered. I still remember how the guard took my camera. After that, I was asked to collect my camera when leaving the mosque. It was a funny incident for me. I remember being so scared because the babysitters were so strong and tall. So I was only able to get glimpses of Masjidil Haram outside. Even then the assistance was UC that is why we took their umrah packages 2023 from Pakistan as per your needs.

One thing I still remember is that after being in the Middle East for a while, one of the days after doing our Subuh prayer at Masjid Al Haram, my late mother said: “Rindunya nak makan makanan Malaysia (Miss Malaysian food and want to eat it). )” and to our surprise, in the busy stream of people wandering around us, we could hear a woman’s voice in the distance say: “nasi kerabu, nasi lemak, kuih-kuih! “. We frantically searched for voices and almost missed her because she wore a burqa. It turns out it was a lady from Kelantan selling Malaysian delicacies. (I was told that all those street vendors were illegal because I had seen them run away when the police were there.)

But Alhamdulillah, have our wishes been fulfilled?

Another unforgettable memory is meeting a lady next to our room which is the most persistent. Not only does she have to take care of her mother and stepmother, who are both in a wheelchair, but she also has to take care of another aunt, who was unwell during her Umrah. Seeing her always smiling, sweetly talking to the three elders, and taking care of them made me think twice about getting mad over anything. Unfortunately, we have lost contact with each other. 


I came to Umrah in 2023. I was 25 years old then. So imagine my surprise when my parents told us that our request for Umrah they made ten years ago had been approved. I don’t consider myself a religious person. I do only what is necessary – pray, fast during Ramadan, etc., so I am intimidated by the idea of ​​doing Umrah, which I can only imagine the most pious would aspire to do.

I first visited Makkah when I was six years old because of Umrah. I still remember how I felt when I first saw Kaabah live before me. I don’t quite understand what people are doing, but seeing people of different colors from all walks of life coming together and bowing humbly before Him, I was surprised even though I didn’t understand.

Seeing it again for the first time during Umrah, this time with new intentions, I am humbled again and grateful for not only the opportunity to go but also the time and health to achieve the ibadah. I have been repeatedly told how fortunate I am to perform Umrah in good health because few people are blessed with that. I wanted the image to carry the mood of the environment in which it was captured; the soft chirping of birds, the rustling of wings as the birds fly over the open dome, and the gentle breeze caressing our faces. Away from the busy life, time no longer dictated the frantic pace of Dunya’s demands. Reminding again that do consult umrah packages 2023 for your travel as they are the best and most affordable packages.


It was hard to choose the most memorable because I felt like I was in a trance during the whole trip! But if I had to choose one, the crowds would pray and meditate before the Kaabah, even in the dark hours of 3-4 am. Although most of us are strangers to each other, the fact that we are there for a common purpose is like a kind of close friendship that cannot be expressed in words.


Before umrah , I had to take passport-sized photos for an Umrah visa, so at the shop, the photographer/owner is non-Muslim. She told me to focus on worshiping Allah and forget about everything else. It affects me. During our pilgrimage, on a trip to Jabal Rahmah (Mount Arafat), we passed a shop on buying some food. When we wanted to pay, the cashier told us everything was in the house. Al Hamdulillah.

The most memorable moment after Umrah and one of the hardest things to do was to leave Masjidil Haram. I was crying so much. I was very sad. 

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