Sat. Nov 25th, 2023
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Prom season is on the horizon again and Disney has released an official trailer for its newest comedy-romance movie, Prom Pact. It will be available on Disney+ this spring, which is perfect for anyone looking for a lighthearted romantic comedy to watch on the weekend!

A cute rom-com for tweens

The Disney Channel is no stranger to sweet romance comedies, and this one is no exception. It’s about two best friends who spend lots of time together and fall in love, but it also tackles some serious issues teen girls face.

Mandy (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) and Ben (Milo Manheim) are longtime BFFs who always look out for each other. They live on the fringes of high school social life and spend most Friday nights together. But when Mandy starts to think she might have a shot at getting into Harvard, she decides to do anything she can to get there. This includes tutoring the school’s most popular boy, Graham Lansing (Blake Draper), whom she despises. But when she starts to fall for him, she realizes she’s making a mistake and that she should prioritize her friendship with Ben instead of the elusive Harvard ticket.

A fun rom-com for tweens

Disney’s Prom Pact is a lighthearted romantic comedy that channels its inner 1980s John Hughes nostalgia. It has some nice messages for tweens about living in the moment, but it also does a good job of tackling some serious issues that teens have to deal with, such as the pressure of high school and deciding how to prioritize friendships over love.

In an era where social media is capturing every aspect of a teenager’s life, it’s important to have a film that addresses these issues in a way that tweens will relate to. With its ’80s-themed prom and extravagant “promposals,” Prom Pact blends the best of classic teen films available on flixtor with modern takeaways on high school dreams.

Charming Film

Peyton Elizabeth Lee brings her star quality to the screen in this charming film, as she does in her past roles on the Disney TV shows Andi Mack and Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. Her portrayal of Mandy is witty and spirited, but she isn’t shy about speaking her mind. She plays Mandy, a snarky but warm teen who borders on “not like other girls.” Her willingness to compromise and change makes her totally relatable. She doesn’t hold back on her feelings, and she’s not afraid to call out her own behavior if it isn’t working out.

The Disney Channel has a great track record for original movies, but they’ve never been more impressive than with Prom Pact. It’s a delightful film for its target audience of tweens, and it’s one that should be watched by everyone.

The movie is set in a high school during prom season, which is filled with extravagant prom proposals and a lot of emotion. It’s a surprisingly touching film about friendship, and it does a great job of balancing the pressure of getting into college with the excitement of going to prom.

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