Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
Tyres Dubai

Having the right tyres can make your life easy. They improve the drive of your car and give you a safe ride. And if you’re driving in Dubai. Then you need to have the perfect tyres. Having bad-quality tyres can lower the performance of even the best machines. So you should especially find Tyres in Dubai that go with your car. But what makes them have good quality? There are a lot of things other than just the tyre material. Stay with us as we find out the qualities of a good tyre.

Tread Pattern

Good quality tyres have a better tread pattern. Plus, new tyres have good tread depth too! This reduces the overall wear of the tyre. You can measure this depth with a simple coin test. Or look for the bridges between the treads. If they are at the surface. This means that you need to change them ASAP!

While there are two different types of tyres. Summer and winter tyres. But both of them have different treads. That is due to their working conditions. Winter tyres have wider and thicker treads to give better grip in snow and ice. But you won’t find that in Dubai. So what you’re looking for are summer tyres. These come with thinner treads. Thus, giving a better grip in hot weather and a more comfortable ride.

Lesser Fuel

One of the biggest hints of tyre quality is fuel economy. The more fuel your car takes, the worse the tyre quality. While many things might affect fuel usage. Tyre quality is one of the leading factors. Better rubber rolls more easily on the road. Thus, putting a lesser burden on the engine. This, in turn, saves fuel. You can even go for fuel-efficient tyres to save up more on fuel costs.


Good quality tyres make less noise. But what is this noise? The noise comes from the rolling of tyres against the road. If the rubber quality is good. Then the tyres will make lesser noise. You’ll see that low-cost tyres make a lot of cabin noise. So if you want that luxury feel, you should buy good quality tyres. If you can hear a lot of noise coming from your tyres. Then that simply means the tyres aren’t good quality. Radial tyres are another type of tyre that makes low noise.


You’ll want your tyres to live long. Especially if you buy them at a high cost. But high costs don’t always mean good quality. You need to look for tyres with good rubber quality. As better rubber lives longer. But ironically, high-performance tyres don’t last that long. As their focus is more on grip and control than tyre wear. So you need to look for good quality passenger car tyres. This gives you the best quality of tyres that live long.


The low grip will cause your car to drift and skid. And that’s not safe. Especially if you have a family vehicle and not some sports car. Some tyres have low-grade rubber that cuts down on their grip. Softer rubber grips better on the road. So you want to look for soft tyres. Especially for Dubai’s high-speed roads. Moreover, a better grip lessens the braking distance of your car. Thus, improving the overall safety of your drive.


This is one of the biggest players that affect tyre quality. If the quality is good. Then it will perform well in that weather. While it may seem weird at first. But weather plays a big role in the quality of your drive. Especially if you’re driving in the hot Dubai weather. The high heat will make the rubber softer and wear faster. So you need summer tyres that perform well in this weather. After all, no one wants to change a flat tyre under the hot Dubai sun.

Braking distance

Having less braking distance makes your ride safer. As the quicker you can brake, the safer you are from accidents. This helps greatly when there’s a sudden change in your drive. It may be due to an animal on the road. Or the car in front of you applying emergency brakes. The situations are endless. So you need your drive to be as safe as possible. Look for good quality tyres that have a short braking distance. 


The word drag explains itself. So you don’t want your tyres to drag. After all, you’re not participating in a drag race with your Toyota Corolla. More drag means more fuel your car will burn. So you should look for tyres that have low drag. You’ll generally find these tyres at the more pricey end. But That cost will be lesser than what you spend on fuel. If you choose to get low-grade tyres. These tyres will also have better rubber that works well in wet and dry conditions.


If you’re spending most of your time on the road. Then you’ll want tyres that give the best comfort. As no one wants a bumpy ride. Plus, road fatigue is a real thing. So remember to ask your tyre expert for the comfiest tyres. The better rubber quality in luxury tyres helps them make your ride smoother. They act as shock absorbers. This keeps the shocks of the road away from the car’s body. Thus, they also stay away from you.

Tyre fitting

Lastly, tyre fitting also matters. You don’t want a loose tyre to fly away if it does not fit right. Moreover, bigger tyres may seem like a good option. But it increases the fuel your car burns. And smaller tyres won’t keep your car’s body safe from sudden jumps and bumps. So you need the right size of tyre to make the best of your ride. You can read your car’s manual to know what size of tyre is right for your car.

Time to Drive!

Now that you know all about good quality tyres. It’s time to get your hands on the best Tyres Promotion in your city! That’s right. Head to Central Trading Company in Dubai and find the right fit for your car.

By Almas Sajid

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