Sun. Nov 26th, 2023

If you have a gas boiler, check the pilot light. If it’s out, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for relighting it. If the pilot light repeatedly goes out, it might indicate a deeper issue.

Strange Noises: If your boiler is making unusual noises (clanking, banging, gurgling), it could signal a problem with air in the system, mineral buildup, or other issues. These noises might require professional attention.

Leaks: If you notice water pooling around your boiler, there could be a leak. This is a serious issue and should be addressed promptly to prevent boiler repair damage and safety hazards.

Reset: Some modern boilers have a reset button. If your boiler has one, you can try resetting it to see if it resolves the issue. Refer to your boiler’s manual for instructions.

Gas Smell: If you smell gas around the boiler area, turn off the gas supply immediately and contact your gas provider and a professional technician.

Blocked Vents: Ensure that air vents and flues are clear of obstructions. Blocked vents can lead to inefficient operation and even carbon monoxide buildup.

Regular Maintenance: Regularly scheduled maintenance by a qualified technician can help prevent major issues and keep your boiler running efficiently.

By Lara Parker

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