Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Managing a gym can be much harder on the mind than the body, despite popular belief. With multiple packages to sign up for, long list of clients taking up different workout programs, different facilities and varied payment durations, it is easy to get confused. The books can get messy, and the team scheduling can get even messier, leading to inefficiency affecting long-term profit and short-term day-to-day operations.

But, with a gym management software like SubscriptionFlow, you can save yourself from all the hassle and the tedious book keeping that comes with running a health and fitness business. With subscription based business models in the fitness industry, you can excel through cutting down churn through dunning, smart membership management, billing models customized to your specific business needs, automated billing per payment period without common invoicing errors, and so much more. These simple things are sure to keep you ahead of the competition and keep your revenue recurring and streamlined.

  1. Smart Dunning

Smart dunning can help your business acquire a healthy cash flow and get rid of bad debt. How? Think of it as an AI software that collects overdue payments for customers. Thus, it automatically works to clear debt, reducing the churn of missed and delayed payments that would otherwise take much longer to manage manually. The software is integrated with your billing and invoicing systems to automatically sync payments and send alerts if they’re not made on time.

Another upside of this technology is its ability to send alerts through texts, emails, or calls based on consumer behavior. This is largely helpful in streamlining the process for the business as well as increasing customer loyalty and retention ratings by making payments convenient for them.

  • Membership Management

One of the most significant features of a gym management software is the built-in membership management software. You can simply access several modules, such as customers, subscriptions, invoices, and items, on your own admin dashboard. You may view your whole customer database with a single click. Here, you may alter any information and dynamically filter the database depending on a wide range of different parameters, like the date of onboarding, the chosen price plan, the date of billing renewal, and the preferred currency, to mention a few. For data analytics, this data can be readily extracted from legacy software and imported.

  • Customizable Billing Models

Using a gym billing software also allows you access to billing models that you can personalize based on your business needs. You can work with multiple billing models when using billing management solutions for fitness enterprises. Usage-based or metered billing, flat-fee billing, tiered pricing, hybrid billing, etc. are only a few examples. This implies that you can easily automate billing based on the billing model that suits your company the best. The programme also provides completely adjustable pricing schemes such as weekly, monthly, or annual billing. You can select various pricing options for both individuals and businesses, with the latter category further divided into tiers according on the size of the enterprise. This gives you full control over your pricing approach.

  • Automated Billing & Invoicing

Subscription or membership businesses largely rely on recurring revenue which can be tedious to process manually. Automated billing saves you manpower and time, additionally there are much less clerical errors in invoicing. This makes the whole billing process much more streamlined. These features also prevent any revenue leakage because of the wrong payment charged to the wrong customer at the wrong time. It also increases customer trust and satisfaction in the long-run which is quintessential for branding.

  • Quick Payment Processing

Through the integration of various payment gateways, the payment process is made seamless for both the customers and the business. The payments are made quick and secure, no matter where in the world they’re being made from. Such quick payment processing ensures reliable revenue streams and frees a business from traditional (and often lengthy and complicated) payment methods.

  • Email Marketing

Your club management software enables you to automate email renewal notices as well as sales-driven email marketing campaigns that could aid in gaining new members through integrations with third-party software.

These are just a few features that SubscriptionFlow can offer health and fitness based businesses. Along with allowing you access to reports and analytics for better customer retention, there are additional features that you can check out yourself by booking a trial run with us.

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