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Label your products or create labels for a small business with self adhesive labels! An inexpensive yet effective way of communicating information. Ideal for gift wrapping, jars and pantry items!

These labels come pre-applied with glue, unlike traditional labels which required something like licking an envelope to activate their adhesiveness, to activate their glue.print barcode labels jeddah
Practical Uses

Labels perform an essential functional purpose – providing product details to consumers easily, as well as being tamper-proof and carrying brand identities. Therefore, selecting an ideal label material and adhesive is of crucial importance.

Labels come in many different forms, materials and combinations and can either be permanent or removable. You can print text, codes or graphics onto them using various techniques – both paper and synthetic materials may be suitable.

Self adhesive labels are printed substrates equipped with an adhesive layer made up of pressure-sensitive glue for quick and easy adhesion to surfaces, typically composed of a liner to keep its adhesive protected until ready for application, an adhesive, and face stock (which allows printing). Self-adhesive labels offer quick identification or information of products or services and can be utilized across many different applications.

Affordable paper labels do have their place, but not in heavy industry, laboratories or warehouses. Here, labels must withstand tough environments like abrasion, temperature extremes, flaking chemical residues as well as water contact or immersion without losing legibility over time.

Durability depends on a complex interplay among three components, namely label materials, adhesives and surfaces they will adhere to. Certain adhesives excel at adhering to porous or rough surfaces while others work better with smooth ones.

Acrylates are an excellent pressure-sensitive glue option for making durable labels, as they require no additives and are resistant to oxidation, oil, abrasion and chemicals. In addition, acrylates adhere well to flexible surfaces. A UV laminate or coating will further prolong their longevity; although fading won’t stop altogether but rather become gradual over time.

Self adhesive labels may appear simple, but they offer many practical uses. Labels can be printed with product descriptions, barcodes and prices; making these an invaluable product!

They’re also quite cost-effective, making them an excellent option for businesses that wish to reduce labor expenses while saving both time and resources through applying these systems without needing extra materials or equipment.

Fine Cut labels are constructed to maximize performance based on the industry and environment in which they’re intended, with various options for release liners, face materials, and adhesives – as well as some eye-catching decorative labels made of synthetic material that stand out. We stock a selection of these components so that you can find a label suitable for you needs.

As a business owner, it is imperative that your inventory remains safe from theft. One way tamperproof labels can help is through printing logos, serial numbers and barcodes in various colors and sizes onto them – these labels feature strong adhesive backing which is hard to peel off without leaving residue behind if removed without residue being left behind – should contact a provider specialized in producing them.

Self adhesive labels are widely used on pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, FMCGs (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods), consumer durables and other items requiring labels. They may also be utilized for logistical and transport applications such as stock control, tracking or labeling outer cases and pallets. Therefore, these labels must fulfill a range of functional requirements such as being durable enough for harsh environments while providing both alphanumeric identifiers that humans can read easily as well as digital ones used with track-and-trace technologies.

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