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The phrase “dreaming in the clouds” was very certainly conceived of by someone when they were dozing off on a natural wool organic mattress, which was one of the first known types of beds. Not only is the wool that is used to produce mattresses biodegradable, but it also makes for a very comfy and breathable mattress. There is absolutely no need to be envy of someone who has a chemically treated mattress.

During the time of the crusades, organic wool mattress UK made from wool began to make their way to Europe. People’s preference for their woolen mattresses hasn’t changed much over the years, despite the proliferation of alternative kinds of sleep equipment. Natural fabric systems have not been abandoned despite the tremendous improvements in technology and innovation; on the contrary, they have persevered and enjoyed a comeback in favor in recent years.

The organic natural wool mattress has become prominent because of what?

Wool is a product that has a low negative influence on the environment and a high value for its capacity to be sustainably produced. Its extended lifespan is ensured by its high degree of superb quality as well as by the careful selection of its components. In addition to this, it performs the function of a natural thermostat. In other words, wool works as a heat sink when the temperature is very high, but as a heat generator when the temperature is extremely low.

Because of its naturally breathable and cool structure, resting on a mattress made of wool may be beneficial for those who experience nighttime sweating that is severe. They considerably reduce the tension that is placed on muscles and promote blood flow thanks to the flexibility and ergonomic nature of their construction.

One of the characteristics that sets wool apart from other materials is its natural resistance to the accumulation and retention of static charge. Because of this, the body is able to recuperate as much as it can while we are sleeping. The fact that it is formed of a pure chemical that is not harmful and is efficient against allergies, bacteria, and mites contribute to the increased level of hygiene that it provides.

Here is a list of five eco-friendly materials that will have you daydreaming about the “natural” world at night.

Other components, in addition to wool, were put through rigorous testing in the dream factories and found to perform well. Our mattresses are topped with a variety of natural fibers, which we will now go over in more detail.

  • Oil from natural soybeans: The use of soy in the construction of our mattresses gives them exceptional pliability and elasticity, and it also facilitates proper posture when sleeping. It is remarkable in that it can both admit and exclude air.
  • Latex: Latex is an extremely soft and elastic material, and it gives exactly the proper amount of support for our mattresses. In the same way that soy does, it helps relieve pressure points, straightens the spine, and reduces the likelihood of experiencing back pain.
  • Cotton: Cotton is utilized extensively throughout the manufacturing of Lobide mattresses, most notably in the spring sacks and mattress coverings. Cotton is also used in a variety of other ways. Characteristics that define it include its ultra-plush feel and the fact that it is hypoallergenic.
  • Neroli oil: The relaxing benefits of neroli oil, often known as orange blossom oil, are well documented. Mattresses made of orange blossom foam are claimed to help users get more peaceful sleep. Because of this, they make it easier for you to go asleep and put your mind at peace once again.
  • Compostable material: Compost derived from the same ecosystem may be used to produce foams that are resistant to moisture and heat, making the need of plastic superfluous. These foams can then be put to use in mattresses.

Why choose a mattress made from natural wool?

Wool is one of the greatest materials for health and sleep because of the intrinsic properties that make it one of the best materials overall, but many other materials also have their own benefits. Wool not only makes a bed more inviting and comfortable to sleep on, but due to its climatic thermal properties, it also manages to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter (quite amazing, right?). In point of fact, it’s merely 100% wool.

Mattresses are crafted by hand from start to finish by professionals who specialize in rest. You should buy the luxury duvet covers sale from the reliable supplier. The capacity of wool to absorb moisture is another significant advantage; those of us who have a tendency to perspire throughout the night will benefit significantly from sleeping on a wool mattress and pillow since they keep us cool and dry even during the warmest months of the year. The combination of the organic natural cotton that we use to strengthen the very tops of all of our mattresses and the luxuriousness of wool results in the most pleasant sleep possible.

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