Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
Step By Step Car Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids People frequently daydream about the ideal vehicle. Everyone who enjoys cars has a favorite, and their preferences can vary significantly. Drawing For Kids Sports cars are a popular option among car enthusiasts because so many people enjoy the style, speed, and elegance that they offer.

Car Drawing For Kids

Even though not everyone has the opportunity to own one of these monsters, it can be entertaining to learn how to draw a sports vehicle and envision what your own might look like.

Anyone who loves to drive fast and fantasizes about owning a sports vehicle will find this the ideal tutorial!

So buckle up for some high-octane drawing fun with this simple 6-step tutorial on how to draw a sports car!

Let’s Get Started Learning How to Draw A Sports Car!


  • Anyone who has ever attempted to sketch one will tell you that it can be difficult to draw any car!
  • Because of this, even though these vehicles are known for their speed, we will proceed slowly through each stage of this tutorial on drawing a sports car.
  • It would be best if you closely resembled the reference pictures we supplied as you go through these steps.
  • Sketch the car’s front lights first, followed by some rounded shapes and lines, and then sketch the hood in our illustration.
  • Finally, sketch the grill and bumper shapes so we can move on to the next stage of this tutorial!


  • Next, sketch the car’s top and its wheels.
  • The top of the car and the wheels will be added in this second stage of your sports car drawing.
  • Create curved lines for the car’s top before adding some seat outlines.
  • The disk on the right should then have a circle around it. Then, you can create some intricate detailing inside of this using smaller rounded shapes.
  • Although the left side of the wheel won’t be visible much, you can still sketch the base using more rounded lines. The third step of the guide will then be available for you.


  • Sketch the car’s side and the back tire.
  • As we start the third stage of our tutorial on drawing a sports car, we will now sketch the side of the car and the back wheel.
  • Draw the base of the side of the vehicle with straight lines and the top of the side with curved lines. The car’s rear-wheel can then be pulled out.
  • Although we won’t have a clear view of it because of the angle, this wheel will be very similar to the first one in detail.


  • Draw the contour of the vehicle door next.
  • We’ll keep things pleasant and easy for this phase of your sports car drawing! The line separating the car doors will be drawn in this stage.
  • Arc a line upward from the base of the car’s middle portion to accomplish this.
  • We can further define this region by adding a few brief horizontal lines along the side of the door.
  • When you’re ready, let’s move on to the next stage of the guide so you can add some finishing touches once you’ve drawn these details.


  • Finish up your sports car drawing by adding the finishing details.
  • This, the fifth and final stage in our tutorial on how to draw a sports car, is where we’ll wrap things up.
  • We will first complete the car’s design. This sports car has a curved spoiler at the rear, similar to many others. As seen in our reference picture, two curved lines can be used to draw this.
  • Finally, we’ll sketch a rounded shape beneath the vehicle to act as a shadow. You’ll be prepared for the last stage of the guide once you’ve drawn this shadow detail!
  • You could also contribute some of your information before that. There are many options available to you when doing this.
  • You could create a cool background or even a driver for this awesome sports vehicle!

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