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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Discipline: How To Teach Your Child Right From Wrong
How To Teach Your Child Right Fro

We cannot resist that, children are the most valuable gifts. They give us the chance to be reborn and refill the memories of our childhood. Children can learn and know the difference between right and wrong from the age of 6. They are quick learners and grasp things faster than a well-matured individual. They develop internal conscience from 6-10 months old. 

Imagine you are at a family event or a party with your ward. Your child and your relative’s child had a fight and came complaining for a reason of having extra snacks. In the same event you found a couple of children sharing snacks and equally enjoying it. Will this embarrass you? To change such small habits right from the early age of learning, parents need to play a key role to teach children discipline. 

We can teach them right from wrong very easily but this needs patience and awareness. Why patience – they can learn faster, but to make them learn is a bit difficult, because a number of things goes on in their mind. Why awareness – children observe and adapt to things easily. So we will be the first teachers to teach them the values. It is dependent on us how we show ethical behaviour. As the moral development of a child is behind at early stages of birth, early caring can lead to positive relationships in future. Here are some do’s and don’ts of discipline. 

Do’s of discipline: 

  1. Be a role model: children learn by seeing things going around. By seeing and observing they learn. We have to be pretty much clear when a child is around. We will be the first people to meet them, whom they have met after they come into the world. You have to be consistent and teach your child by actions. As said by the pioneer, action speaks louder than words. They really do work l. 
  1. Do support: providing support makes the child feel confident and develop a better relation with them. With support, the child starts believing in you and starts sharing things and talking to you openly. 
  1. Create a child’s atmosphere: childhood is always engaged with various activities. Sometimes painting, sometimes it’s playing and it may change in a fraction of seconds too. Always remember everyone is eligible for having an individual space, create such a space for your child, where they can explore their own mind and enjoy their own company. 
  1. Engage your child: in the child friendly atmosphere, you can find their interests. Engaging with your child, you’ll get to know what exactly the little mind is exploring. You’ll get to know what exactly your child is interested in like a future dancer or a business person or a painter or a musician. 
  1. Encourage good behaviour: the early kids are unable to know what they are doing. So whenever they do a good thing, keep a habit of encouraging them and appreciate the work they did. You know, appreciation is a way of expressing your love to your child. They’ll feel happy when you appreciate them and develop a habit of doing good things. 

Don’ts of discipline: 

  1. Don’t use physical punishments: physical punishments are the things which are harmful and may leave a negative impact on the child. They turn out hard and develop anger against you. And after a few punishments they’ll also do the same thing. 
  1. Don’t shame or humiliate the child: many unknowingly compare your child with others and without any awareness humiliate them in front of others. This will hurt your child’s self esteem and they may never forget this incident. Sometimes they develop fear of losing you and try to adapt wrong methods to achieve what you want and stop comparing.
  1. Don’t yell or scream at your child: this is a mental punishment for your child. Screaming is not the solution for any problem. They start crying and develop anger and lose the attention of their parents. 
  1. Don’t be too lenient: always remember you are the parent not the buddy. In many situations lenience can lead to negative actions of a child. You can set boundaries and talk to your child and explain the boundaries. 
  1. Use discipline as a way to control the child: you cannot control a child but can make them have control on things. Discipline is a key role to know the right and wrong, but only being disciplined is not enough to make your child tackle the world. Do some activities and spend some time with your child.

How to teach your child right from wrong: 

Discipline is to teach or guide an individual, so that the person will be able to identify the difference of right and wrong in every stage of life. They can tackle the wrong one and proceed with the truth. Train your child in the way that they should go on even when they are old, they’ll not depart from the problem. 

The only way to know your child is to spend time with them. In this busy scheduled life, parents usually spend less time with them and some being workaholic they leave their children in preschools. Doing this you may miss some valuable moments with your kids. Have food together, plan holiday trips, go for adventures and have some moments. So being a parent, make some time for the gifts of your life.

We can teach children discipline with their own interests. Many children love to paint, making them busy with painting activities. Some like to travel, take them on trips and make them acknowledge the place and importance of the place. Some kids show interest in exploring and playing different games and sports. As the world is busy with AI generated techniques, frizzy – busy jobs and thousands of startups. 

There is one such startup which can fulfil all the requirements that is required to train and develop a child overall. Don’t force yourself to think, it’s an escape game. Yes, escape games are the rapidly growing startups that have already satisfied many participants. The highly rated games that are conquering the current gaming world. Washington has skill based escape rooms with unique themes. 

The escape game, Washington – these escape rooms are designed and filled with courses of skilled development. This game has 9 different unique themes that can be played with family and friends without compromising with fun and adventure. The escape game, Washington can provide escape rooms specially designed for kids also. So, it is a spot where every age group can enjoy. 

Escape games use some techniques like time limit, lateral thinking, colourfully designed rooms etc. This will help an individual to activate themselves in a fun and adventurous way. The time limit teaches us to complete the given task within time. Lateral thinking activates the process of problem solving and finding solutions in different ways. The colourfully designed rooms will lift up the imaginary view of the mind. 

Escape games are creating a positive impact on people’s lives. The positive effects of these games are interactive skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, improvement in imagination skills, and developing the motor skills of an individual. This game is worth playing. People who have already experienced the fun adventure will definitely want to play again. 

Visit the escape game Washington at least for once you’ll definitely have fun. No matter your age, you, your kids, your family, your friends, everyone will enjoy and have valuable time. This game can be played with your colleagues and teams too. They help in team building and make us understand the importance of uniqueness of everyone and help to develop patiently to think above, how to solve the clue. The advantage is you can ask for as many clues as possible when you’re stuck. 

The final thing to be noted is, it is the one spot for teaching physical and psychological skills and to learn the most important skills that are needed these days to maintain the schedules of everyday life. These escape games will definitely lift up the spirit of life and entertain you with loads of memories spent with your beloved. 

Some parents pour out their interests on their children. Never do this, not everyone has the same ability to do things . Everyone is unique in their own world. Know the interests of your ward and encourage them, so that they’ll become  masters of their own work.  

Remember, discipline means to teach or to guide, teach your child creating examples and being their role model. They can be more creative and good individuals in the future. 

By Almas Sajid

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