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With an increased demand for skill-based jobs, the process of finding the right talent and recruiting same has grown increasingly more complex. As a result, businesses across various sectors are relying on digital recruitment platforms to find the right and best talent for them. Some of these trends provide end to end recruitment, making it incredibly easy for businesses to find the right talent quickly and efficiently.

Demand for digital recruitment platforms across different sectors

Digital recruitment platforms can thus be considered the best way of recruitment process outsourcing or RPO recruitment. However, let’s take a look at the use of digital recruitment platforms across various sectors. They resulted in 27 per cent of the total recruitments in the Automotive sector and 28 per cent of recruitments in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector in 2022, according to Decoding Jobs Sectoral Reports 2023 by Taggd. 

Moreover, the digital recruitment platforms also contributed to 28 per cent of recruitment in the IT sector, 27 per cent of total recruitment in the pharmaceutical sector, and 29 per cent of all the recruitment in the Global In-house Centre (GIC) sector in 2022 (Decoding Jobs Sectoral Reports 2023 Compendium by Taggd).

In each of the industries listed above, digital recruitment platforms had resulted in the highest share of recruitments in the period studied, and its share was above twenty per cent in all sectors studied for Decoding Jobs Sectoral Reports 2023 by Taggd.

Advantages of using digital recruitment platforms 

The following are some of the biggest advantages of finding talent by using digital recruitment platforms:

  • Quicker

Digital recruitment platforms are often the fastest way of finding the right talent, no matter what type of skills are required. That is because these platforms already have ready pools of talent with desirable skills. Wherever vacancies can’t be tolerated, online recruitment platforms remain the best way of hiring employees.

  • Cost-effective

Digital recruitment platforms are also the most cost-effective method of recruiting employees. Methods like job fairs, campus recruitments, etc., can often prove more costly than finding talent through digital recruitment platforms. The cost-effectiveness is the highest with digital recruitment platforms that provide end-to-end recruitment services.

  • Reliability

Perhaps the biggest reason employers across various sectors are increasingly relying on digital recruitment platforms is because these platforms are often the most reliable way of finding the right talent. While website and referral-based recruitments or walk-in interviews may prove more cost-effective at times, there is no guarantee they shall help one get the best talent in desirable quantities. Digital recruitment platforms, on the other hand, are almost always likely to find the right talent for you.

  • Desirable for higher skills

Digital recruitment platforms are often the most desirable for jobs that require skills. Finding people with these skills can often be a daunting task, and advertising for the same may increase the cost to employers tremendously. However, digital recruitment platforms help find skilled talent easily.

  • Suited to the gig economy

According to a NITI Aayog June 2022 report on the gig economy quoted in ‘Decoding Jobs Sectoral Reports 2023 Compendium’ by Taggd, the gig workforce has the potential to increase to 2.35 crore by 2030. The growth of the gig economy is likely to be fuelled by some sectors like Internet business that is likely to hire up to fifteen per cent of new recruits as gig workers; the overall hiring intent across various industries studied for gig workers was about nine per cent (Decoding Jobs Sectoral Reports 2023 Compendium by Taggd).

Gig or contractual recruitment may mean that employers are repeatedly on the lookout for new workers. That can increase their HR costs if they don’t choose cost-efficient methods. Digital recruitment platforms provide a cost-effective way of finding gig workers. 

  • Ideal for recruitment in tier-2 cities

One of the strongest trends that can be observed in the Indian corporate world is that recruiters are now moving to tier-2 cities to look for recruits. To quote an ostensive stat, the manufacturing and engineering sector made sixty per cent of new hires were made in tier-2 cities (Decoding Jobs Sectoral Reports 2023 Compendium by Taggd).

Digital recruitment platforms are ideal for recruitment employees in tier-2 cities as their large online resources help businesses find the right workforce locally in an easier and more efficient manner, even if it is for greenfield or brownfield projects.

  • Understanding trends

Many digital recruitment platforms like Taggd also publish studies which can help employers learn about the various emerging trends. These studies can also help employers learn about the challenges for specific industries and might also throw light on the possible solutions for the same. For example, a challenge in the IT sector is to upskill workers, as most of the workforce is entry-level only.

The analytics presented in these studies can also help companies learn about the general hiring intent and the hiring intent in their own specific industry. That, in turn, can help them adopt the best benchmark recruitment practices.

Please observe that no two digital recruitment platforms are the same, and you must only choose the very best digital recruitment platform in order to be able to find the best talent.

Other methods of recruiting employees

In terms of popularity, digital recruitment platforms were almost invariably followed by Website and online referrals that often resulted in the second highest number of referrals according to Decoding Jobs Sectoral Reports 2023 Compendium by Taggd. Social media, job fairs, walk-in interviews, consultants, etc., were some other options used by recruiters. However, none of them was as popular as digital recruitment platforms in any sector. 

Taggd – the best digital recruitment platform.

Taggd has emerged as the best digital recruitment platform in recent years. It has the experience of assisting in over half a million recruitments in fourteen industries since its inception in 2005 (Taggd Capability Deck). It provides services like senior-level recruitment, project-based hiring (including both greenfield and brownfield projects) and end-to-end hiring. Above all, the biggest advantage of partnering with Taggd remains the chance of finding a dependable recruitment partner that has earned tremendous goodwill in several industries in more than one and half decades of its existence.

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