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Security guards are trusted experts who protect banks, hospitals and cruise ships with friendly smiles while securing business offices, nightclubs and warehouses security company

Security guards come in various forms, from residential, business and establishment guards, armed or unarmed; each type has different duties and liabilities depending on their role, environment and location.
Residential Security Guard

Residential security guards patrol residential properties and areas, guarding against crime such as burglary, vandalism and loitering. Trained to detect suspicious activities and enforce community rules such as traffic and parking controls, residential security guards also act as liaisons between their communities and law enforcement during emergency situations and assist residents directly during them.

Attracting visitors with security guards at property entrances helps deter unwanted parties, sending a strong signal that the community takes security seriously. They can check IDs, maintain visitor lists, open/close gates at certain times of day or monitor cameras on property grounds.

One of the key skills a residential security guard needs to possess is an excellent memory. They must provide information regarding the premises to responding officers if an incident occurs on it, so their ability to recall what transpired quickly ensures that police and emergency services can act swiftly on any situation they come across.
Business Security Guard

Business security guards are hired by companies to keep their premises secure, and this type of guard may or may not be armed depending on client preference and nature of work. Guards may be posted at entrances to gated communities or commercial building lobbies to monitor all visitors or mobile patrolling of area preventing crime or other issues from arising.

Many private security firms employ staff that specialize in video surveillance techniques. These professionals sift through hours of footage in search of any anomalous behavior.

Some guards will wear plainclothes to blend in more easily and make people more at ease. This type of guard is particularly beneficial where there are valuable assets to protect, and store owners don’t want anyone knowing they’re being watched; such as in high-end stores.
Establishment Security Guard

Establishment security guards may work at various businesses and locations, from those directly employing them (in-house security) to contract security companies who offer their services across multiple client sites.

Security personnel can monitor for shoplifters and alert authorities in cases of theft, while also acting as deterrents by being present at all times. Furthermore, they can act as access control at building entrances and vehicle gates to make sure visitors possess appropriate passes or identification.

When emergencies, such as fires, arise, security services can quickly respond by helping evacuate people and equipment, dispatching emergency personnel, documenting what occurred on site and keeping people informed. Armed guards may even be employed as law enforcement until public authorities arrive on scene. They frequently work for companies which require high levels of privacy and protection such as armored money transports or casinos.
Corporate Security Guard

Corporate security guards are an indispensable component of any successful business, providing a visible deterrent against theft and vandalism. Trained to recognize suspicious activity quickly and mitigate risks effectively to stop incidents from escalating into incidents; whether walking clients to their cars at night or helping former employees leave the premises safely – corporate security professionals provide peace of mind while providing excellent customer service.

Corporate security guards have the responsibility of patrolling these properties to prevent criminal activity and ensure all visitors are being properly screened before being granted entry.

Security officers vary depending on their security company; those armed must obtain a class G license which requires 30 hours of training in weapons safety, situational awareness, de-escalation techniques and additional first aid as well as threat analysis. They should be approved through an established third party security agency prior to being deployed into service.

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