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The Role of Romance in a Relationship

Being romantic is way different than movies. Rom-Coms might have fed us lies that ‘things become easy with the right person,’ trust us when we say that is a big pile of bull crap. It will never be easy. Loving somebody is not at all easy. But what is the point of holding a hand to just let go?

What Is Romance, And Why Is It Important?  

If a relationship is a boat, then think of romance as the wind to your sail. In other words, it is the romance that keeps the relationship going. But what is it? To put it simply, romance can be explained as the deep feeling of intimacy and passion that two people feel and express from time to time. There is no set pattern for what it means to be romantic. The general definition is too broad to encapsulate in a single article. While your partner might appreciate grand gestures, others might be more comfortable with a more subtle approach. It, therefore, totally depends upon the line that you decide to walk upon.

Since romance is an integral element of a relationship, it is very important that we know how being romantic helps in a relationship. If your partner is romantic towards you, you will feel much safer and will confide in him or her in a more organic manner. Romantic gestures keep the spark alive and keep your relationship from feeling like a chore that you have to tend to at the end of the day or something. Also, it would help you guys to foster a sense of intimacy and belonging, which can dwindle over a longer period of time.

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How to be Romantic?  

Being romantic in a relationship is never going to go out of fashion. It is the glue that keeps the relationship whole and alive. We believe if you are already with an amazing person, why not show them? Being romantic in a relationship would make it a lot easier than it really is. So let us look at some of the small things that you can do to bring back the romance in your relationship.


One of the foremost things that you can do in order to bring the spark back is to be a good listener. Take it from us; conversations do not always have to be about larger-than-life. Sometimes, asking your partner about the day can also go a long way. In other words, listen to what your partner has to say. And by listening, it does not mean that the other person keeps on rambling and you just keep quiet. Take part in that conversation, and show that you actually care why her/his day went bad. This would make the other person understand that you do care. Otherwise, there would always be an emotional gap that would grow bigger with time.

Remember The Small Things  

Being in love does not mean that you will have endless fun and conversations. Being in love also means enjoying the down times. Times that you can fill in with small touches like holding hands, cuddling, sharing a romantic kiss, etc. Physical touch does not always mean passionate sex. It can be as simple as caressing their hair, hugging, or just spooning. So, remember these small touches. Subsequently, be attentive to every detail when it comes to your significant other. These can seem very small, but trust us; they can go a long way.

Know And Practice Their Love Language  

Human beings are very different from one another. Therefore, it is quite obvious that every person has their own love language. You, as their partner, need to decode their love language. Sometimes, one person’s love language can be quite simple, while another person can have a more complex form of love language. You, as their partner, need to understand what makes them feel safe and loved and work towards it accordingly. Otherwise, if you fail to decode their love language, it might give rise to a case where you are expressing your love in your own way, but things are not received effectively on their end. This can also create a sense of communication disruption in you people.

Engage In Small Moments  

Just as small things matter and it is not always about passionate-sex, in the same way, small moments matter as well. Both of you remember when the relationship came into being, when love was professed, the first kiss was shared, etc. But these are big moments in a relationship. You, as a couple, should also remember the first time you guys saw each other in PJs, that first late-night ice cream run, or the time when she fell down swinging. This would add character to your relationship.

Be Open About Sexual Desires And Needs

Everything is not always about passionate-sex, but you can certainly not deny its importance. It is something that would define the very foundation of a relationship. Make sure that you guys are open about each other’s sexual desires, kinks, etc. This would create a cushion of honesty that is definitely going to last you for a lifetime.

Final Thought

Being romantic in a relationship might now be rocket science. However, it is not an easy thing either. It often happens that love remains, but you guys just forgot how to show it, and it ended up being just a chore. So, before your relationship goes stale, take our word and go to him/her. Remember what they made you feel when they professed their love, their smile, that scent of their hair, that nose scrunch, and then give them a tight hug. Sometimes, a hug can fix everything.

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