Sun. Nov 26th, 2023
Bajaj Pulsar 125

Indians prefer motorcycles over cars. A motorcycle entails low ownership costs. Furthermore, the MSRPs of mass-market motorcycles are lower than cars. However, both cars and motorcycles need periodic preventative maintenance in the form of engine oil replacements among others.

So which engine oil is best for the Bajaj Pulsar 125?

Well, one should buy engine oil for their Pulsar 125 based on the information shared in the sections below.

One must buy engine oil for a motorcycle based on the grade of the product 

While selecting engine oil for one’s Pulsar bike, one must first make sure that the grade of the engine oil matches the recommendation of the motorcycle’s owner’s manual. For instance, if the owner’s manual of one’s motorcycle states that one should put only 10W or 5W engine oils in their motorcycle then should do exactly the same. The alphabet ‘W’ stands for winter and it determines the viscosity of the engine oil. One should put 10W30 engine oils in their Pulsars for the best results. 10W30 engine oils tend to hold on to their characteristic properties better irrespective of the environmental or engine temperatures. As a rule of thumb, one should remember that engine oils with high ‘W’ numbers tend to retain their viscosity at high temperatures. It is as simple as that!

One can also select engine oils based on the additives present in them

Most motorcycle engine oil manufacturers tend to add a barrage of additives to their products. This step is taken by engine oil producers in a bid to prevent corrosion in motorcycle engines. There are also motorcycle engine oils with additives that prevent debris from depositing on the inner surfaces of a motorcycle’s engine. 

There are several newer engine oils readily available these days that clean all carbon formations within the engine in a bid to keep the same cool. Depending on the requirements, one can choose engine oils based on the additives present in them. The right engine oil with the right additives will enhance the overall lifespan. At the same time, the right engine oil with the right additives will also increase the operational efficiency of one’s motorcycle engine by many folds!

Motorcycle engine oil should be bought based on one’s riding style

The riding style of a Bajaj Pulsar 125 owner should be considered when one is looking for the best engine oil. For instance, it is best to put mineral engine oil on one’s Pulsar bike if the motorcycle is used for daily commutes. On the other hand, if one wants to increase the interval between engine oil replacement sessions then semi-synthetic engine oils are best. On the other hand, if one often takes their Pulsar 125 on long rides through treacherous as well as trying terrains then choosing top-shelf synthetic engine oils is recommended by experts. 

For more details, please consult the owner’s manual of a Pulsar 125. If that is not possible then one should consult with the experts at the nearest Bajaj bike servicing centre, for the best expert advice.

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