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Top 10 Cassper Nyovest Songs to Must Listen

One of the finest songs from its creator, this track showcases his poetic talent over an infectious mid-tempo beat. Still widely played worldwide.

Cassper successfully reinvents Malaika’s Destiny from 2000s Kwaito music with this track and the result is sure to become an instant classic! This version will undoubtedly become a crowd-pleaser on any DJ DJ set or kwaito dancefloor.

1. Tito Mboweni

Cassper first made waves with this song that showcased his powerful, reflective style and laid out his ethos. Produced by Ganja Beatz and featuring new age pantsula OkMalumKoolKat delivering a scene-stealing verse, many fans became acquainted with Cassper.

Although South African rapper Mi Casa has often created songs dedicated to others (“Amen Hallelujah”, “Superman”), he hasn’t produced another tune quite like this before or since. A beautiful anthem that gets more powerful every time it’s heard.

Cassper has attempted to incorporate traditional genre sensibilities and compositions into his work before, often to no avail (Sweet and Short era). But this mbaqanga track hit home. Cassper and the Mahotella Queens seamlessly fused styles, producing an instant genre marriage that feels natural while still being extremely lit.

2. Tse Tswembu Tse Blind

Cassper delivers an exquisite reflective piece that captures his undying self-belief and all-consuming pride that defines his music – it showcases him at his very best! This motwaka rap master showcases all that his art can accomplish.

Cassper Nyovest recreated Malaika’s 2000 Afropop hit “Kwasika n’Egwasika” with flair in this song and stands out among Africa’s finest rappers for doing so with such style. Re-imagining an iconic Afropop tune takes courage – but Cassper did just that with “Nyovest Nabongi.”

Cassper has not taken his success for granted since debuting this beautiful tune back in 2017. His captivating lyricism and infectious hook on mid tempo beats continue to draw listeners worldwide, prompting him to fill Ticketpro Dome the following year and form Family Tree record label, home for rising talent like Nadia Nakia and Tshego.

3. Amen Hallelujah

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4. Push Through The Pain

Cassper Nyovest has had an outstanding run, performing to packed stadiums and signing such artists as Nadia Nakia and Tshego to his Family Tree label he started four years ago. Since its creation, his Family tree label has become renowned.

Thuto features rapper K-Vil’s candid lyrics about the hardships associated with being an artist and features a sample from classic Mahotella Queens track “Malome,” where Mahlathini can be heard providing her deep vocals.

Nyovest’s lyrics may be difficult to decipher at times due to his thick accent, but the beat and song itself is catchy and worth listening to. He even showcases some of his rapping skills with two effortless 16s on this track! Furthermore, his not afraid to experiment with various sounds which sometimes makes his music sound scattered, yet on this track it certainly pays off!

5. Baby Girl

Cassper shines as a leader, even without verse from his co-stars, by acting like an actual rapper and offering candid admissions about himself and his past life.

With help from Kwaito legend PRO, Cassper’s production is an undeniable hit. The song represents the height of superficial braggadocio rap he so often employs; and its theme covers familiar territory: from poverty to riches.

Ynoa’s performance exudes warmth. She plays an intelligent and sharp young lady whose cold rejection of boys stems from an undiscriminating encounter with her mother’s seducer partner. Navaja impresses in his portrayal of an arrogant buffoon who cannot control his bedroom eyes – it was truly enjoyable watching.

6. Refiloe

Cassper Nyovest and Mahotella Queens, an old school all-women mbaqanga group, collaborated for this kwaito-inspired song. While not the most complex track ever released, Cassper was impressive by never overstating things or coming across as too ghetto in his performance.

D’Banj and Cassper Nyovest join forces for this epic new track “Something for Something”, produced by DB Records and distributed through DKM Media.

Kiddominant, an award-winning music maestro and hit maker, releases the visual for his single, “eWallet”, featuring Cassper Nyovest and Madumane.

Cassper Nyovest has made waves ever since he made history by filling up South Africa’s 20,000-capacity Ticketpro Dome in October 2015. Not shy to experiment with various genres and styles of music, his work can sometimes feel disjointed; on “Malome,” however, all elements come together perfectly.

7. Bentleys

Cassper Nyovest proved his greatness to the world after filling Orlando Stadium, filling all seats to capacity with his incredible performances and lyrics on this track – one which we believe to be among his best! At only 25 years old he has made an enviable career out of rapping; we cannot underestimate his talents! This track truly showcases Cassper’s talent.

This song represents all that is great about South African hip-hop, and showcases his mastery of his craft. Ganja Beatz produced this masterpiece, while its lyrics remain timeless and the Africa tubidy Is very famous for free music download. Tubidy in Africa Is well-known for providing free music downloads.

D’Banj, of DB Records fame, joins forces with Family Tree Boss Cassper Nyovest to produce an amazing track titled “Something for Something”. A must-listen for music enthusiasts of all stripes! Download now and give it a listen!

8. Strive

Cassper Nyovest is one of South Africa’s premier rappers and has amassed an extensive catalogue of hits spanning all genres ranging from Hip hop, Gqom and Amapiano rapping. A captivating performer who can fill an arena quickly.

On “Gusheshe,” his collaborative track with Okmalumkoolkat, he effortlessly shifts flows and constructs catchy hooks while switching flows effortlessly. The song samples kwaito legend M’du’s “Mazola,” providing an energetic beat and making this track an unmissable banger.

In 2020, Nyovest collaborated with former Mahotella Queens member Mahlathini on the upbeat track “Malome.” It features classic-sounding mbaqanga melodies with Nyovest crooning like in his earlier work; the beat is irresistibly infectious; production quality was impeccable – making this track an impressive addition to Tsholofelo and one that stands the test of time.

9. Move For Me

Cassper Nyovest has many hit songs under his belt, but this one stands out. Featuring Mahotella Queens from old-school mbaqanga music, this sensual track talks about his desire to enter into relationships. Cassper effortlessly delivers two smooth 16s while the production value is outstanding.

Rarely is Cassper Nyovest’s form, function and message all in sync in one song; but in this instance they come together perfectly – making this instant classic one of his finest works. It may well become one of his all-time best songs.

Cassper discusses his rise from poverty and his pursuit of the ultimate luxury, a Bentley Coupe. The song features a catchy hook and eye-catching music video; further proving Cassper is more than just another superficial braggadocio rapper; this track proves Cassper as an outstanding lyrical artist as well as being popular among tsibip fans.

10. Mama I Made It

Cassper Nyovest has quickly established himself as one of the most important rappers in South African hip-hop. Selling out venues of 20,000 capacity and feuding with AKA (to his own label Family Tree). Not to mention, his music reflects just as diverse an individual personality as himself.

On “Malome,” Nyovest collaborates with Mahotella Queens, an old-school all-women mbaqanga group from South Africa. Together they craft an upbeat song that blends their vintage sound with contemporary kwaito music – confident performances by both sides are showcased here as Nyovest spits flawless 16s on beat.

DB Records and D’Banj have come through with another hit featuring Cassper Nyovest from Family Tree: ‘Something For Something. Listen and download below!

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