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Web Development is a key skill for anyone who works in the tech industry. It’s the backbone of the websites we use every day from social media to news sites and online shopping.

Learn about HTML to mark up webpages, CSS to style them, and JavaScript for interactive features like animation. You’ll also get practical experience with developer tools and Git for collaboration.


Founded in 2013, Appcentric has been delivering well-crafted apps, websites and technical solutions with a strongly user-centric approach. The firm prioritizes engagement with clients at every level of the process, from planning and prototyping to ongoing consultancy, analytics and social media promotion. Its impressive portfolio includes projects for luxury car manufacturers, UK based retailers and charities.

Its eclectic mix of members provides a limitless pool of inspiration and knowledge that would be hard to find in a traditional office space. They also have the advantage of various breakout spaces and a community that is always willing to help, making Alpha Works the ideal base for Appcentric.

Located in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Verse is a UX company. Its small team specializes in ux/ui design, branding, and web development. The agency was established in 2013. Its notable clients include a mining and metals company.

Develo Design

Develo Design is a software development company that specializes in eCommerce and Magento. Their team of experts can provide a full range of services, including web development, mobile app development, and e-commerce design. Web development Birmingham have a strong track record of success with both small and large-scale projects.

Adaptable is a Birmingham, England-based UX agency with a small team. They specialize in ux/ui design, branding, and web development and were founded in 2013.

The company also offers digital marketing services and SEO. They recently helped a financial services firm revamp their website and IT infrastructure. The team redesigned the site, developed new applications, and performed QA. The project was completed in four months. The client was pleased with the results. They recommended Adaptable to other companies. The company has a reputation for being flexible with deadlines and budget.


InfoRox is a Birmingham, England-based web development company. Their small team specializes in IT managed services, web development, and e-commerce solutions for mid-market and other sized firms. They use the Laravel framework to create websites and apps. They have been praised for their professionalism and timely service.

They helped a mining and metals firm revamp their website and IT infrastructure. They also provided web optimization services and fortified the company’s firewalls. InfoRox is a results-obsessed, process-driven team.

A property academy hired Magin Web Design Birmingham to redesign their site. The company created a responsive and mobile-friendly site, and then performed ongoing maintenance, SEO work, and Google reviews integration. Their client was pleased with the results and will continue to work with them. The company was founded in 2013 and has 1 employee. They are located in Birmingham business park.

Wolf Logic Ltd.

Located in the United Kingdom, Wolf Logic Ltd. provides web development services to clients around the world. The company uses agile methodologies to deliver results on time and within budget. They also offer ongoing support and maintenance. Their team is hard-working, creative, and driven.

KSB Technologies is a custom software development company with offices in WOLVERHAMPTON, United Kingdom and Lahore, Pakistan. Their small team specializes in BI & data consulting & SI, cloud consulting, web development, and more.

One of their recent projects involved transitioning disparate datasets into a larger online portal that uses AWS. The result was an app that allows users to access and update data from anywhere. They worked with the client to establish a seamless workflow and delivered the project on-time and on-budget. The team was responsive to feedback and provided regular updates throughout the process.


eCentury Website Design is a top 5 web design company based in Birmingham, West Midlands. The firm offers a wide range of affordable website services that are designed to increase the visibility of your business and attract new customers. Their services include website marketing packages that actually work and easy-to-use software to help you manage your business.

Founded in 2013, the firm has about 40 engineers, digital strategists, and designers who serve small, mid-market, and enterprise clients. They specialize in e-commerce development, search engine optimization, and pay per click. Their team also includes UX/UI experts who understand the needs of end users.


If you want to improve your website, it’s worth considering a professional. The right Birmingham web design agency can help you build a better brand, boost your business, and achieve your goals. However, you should be cautious when choosing one. It’s important to look for an agency with a proven track record of success in your industry and has a strong client portfolio.

KSB Technologies is a custom software development firm founded in 2021. They serve small and mid-market clients across multiple industries. Their team of professionals specializes in mobile application development, IT strategy consulting, and cloud consulting & SI.

ESterling is a web development company in Birmingham, UK. They offer a range of services including e-commerce development, pay per click management, search engine optimization, and Google reviews integration. They also provide support and maintenance for their clients.


Adaptable is a digital studio that generates engaging experiences for the people that matter. They focus on creating solutions based on the actual user needs, which they identify through a discovery approach and research. They also offer accessibility-driven development for new projects and compliance improvements for existing ones.

These companies have extensive experience in the Birmingham area’s major industries, including healthcare, insurance, and retail. They are well-versed in the region’s key players, market trends, and local audiences, which allows them to create websites that are more attractive to a wide range of clients.

These firms use agile methodologies to ensure that their designs are up-to-date and relevant for their clients. They also incorporate data analysis, customer feedback, and other tools that improve website performance and visibility. They are able to do this because they have the expertise and technical skills necessary to keep up with the latest technologies.

PingPong Digital

Based in Birmingham, UK, InfoRox is a web & apps development agency that provides custom software development, IT managed services, e-commerce development, and SEO. Their team is comprised of fewer than 50 people and serves midmarket companies in a variety of industries.

PingPong Digital is a global Chinese marketing agency that helps brands enter, navigate, and succeed in the Chinese social media space. The company has offices in New York and Shanghai, and its client portfolio includes Gymshark, Royal Mail, and Estee Lauder.

Sherbet Donkey Media is a Stoke Prior, UK-based agency that offers SEO, pay per click, and web design services. They recently redesigned the website of a fire safety compliance services provider and provided ongoing SEO services. In addition, they created an iOS task management app for a contract automation firm. They also conducted cybersecurity efforts for the client.

Crazy Pumpkin

Crazy Pumpkin is a software development company that focuses on QUALITY coding and delivering the best expertise. Its small team specializes in web, mobile app, and AI development and has been established since 2020. They work with small and midmarket clients in the e-commerce, education, and information technology industries.

Wolf Logic Ltd transitioned disparate data into a single online portal that used AWS. This included asset locations, financial data, and geospatial data. The client was satisfied with the solution and was impressed by Crazy Pumpkin’s responsiveness and professionalism. The app they built met the client’s needs and was easy to use. They also communicated well via Zoom and Slack. The client plans to work with them again.

Magin Web Design

Magin Web Design is a Birmingham, UK-based company that offers a full suite of services, including branding, digital strategy, web design, and ux/ui design. The small team is headquartered in the city and was launched in 2019.

JSB Applications is a Wolverhampton, UK-based software development company that provides custom software development, IT strategy consulting, ERP consulting and SI, mobile app development, and SEO services. The small team was founded in 2022.

Distribute Digital is a marketing agency that serves clients in the real estate, automotive, and business services industries. The firm is based in Birmingham, UK and has less than 10 employees. It specializes in social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and search engine optimization. It also provides web design services for small businesses. The agency’s website is well-designed and optimized for mobile devices. It includes a home, category, and product page.

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