Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Our perfumers have skillfully crafted each bottle to encapsulate this moment, combining top notes of zesty citrus that awaken the senses, heart notes of velvety roses that evoke romance, and base notes of rich cedarwood that add depth. Whether you’re seeking a vivacious scent for daytime adventures or a seductive allure for evenings out, Cherry Perfumes offers a bouquet of choices to suit every mood and occasion. From the youthful playfulness of Cherry Blossom Delight to the sultry intrigue of Midnight Cherry Noir, our range invites you to explore the diverse facets of this beloved fruit. With Cherry Perfumes, nature’s most delightful treasure is bottled for you to cherish, reminisce, and wear as an exquisite accessory.

1.  Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau So Sweet

The Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance line is celebrated for its youthful exuberance and vibrant compositions. Among these, Daisy Love Eau So Sweet stands out as an ode to cherry-infused delight. As you uncork the bottle, you’re greeted with an effervescent burst of juicy cherries that instantaneously whisk you away to a sunny orchard. These cherries harmoniously dance alongside a delicate bouquet of white florals, evoking a sensation of springtime romance. The lingering cherry note gracefully accompanies you through the dry-down, rendering it a perfect choice for individuals seeking a blend of cherubic charm and ethereal lightness.

2. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire

Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire is an embodiment of modern classicism, and its cherry-centric composition is a testament to the brand’s mastery. This fragrance artfully interlaces the sweet and tart nuances of cherries with the sophistication of black tea, the softness of rose, and the depth of patchouli. The result is a scent that exudes confidence, allure, and a hint of enigma. La Petite Robe Noire, as its name suggests, is a fragrance that dons you with the elegance of a black cherry dress, making it the ideal companion for evening soirees.

3. Escada Cherry In The Air

Escada’s Cherry In The Air is an olfactory celebration of carefree summer days, where the air is adorned with the scent of ripe cherries. Picture yourself strolling through an orchard, the sun warming your skin as the aroma of cherries mingles with the breeze. This fragrance encapsulates that exact essence by blending succulent cherries with the sweetness of marshmallows and the warmth of sandalwood. The result is a fragrance that invokes feelings of happiness, nostalgia, and the simple pleasures of life.

4. Nina Ricci Nina

Nina Ricci’s Nina is a whimsical creation that centers its essence around delectable candied cherries. The symphony of citrusy notes, crisp apples, and praline enhances the cherry note, creating a fragrance that is youthful, indulgent, and utterly charming. The iconic apple-shaped bottle further enhances the playfulness of the scent, reminding you of the enchanting world of fairy tales.

5. Thierry Mugler Alien Fusion

Thierry Mugler’s Alien Fusion embarks on a daring journey by uniting the sweet allure of cherries with the sensual notes of tuberose and vanilla. This audacious amalgamation results in a fragrance that is as hypnotic as it is seductive. The sweetness of cherries plays a captivating duet with the warmth of oriental accords, creating an aroma that demands attention and exudes an air of mystery.

6. Dolce & Gabbana Dolce

Dolce & Gabbana’s Dolce is an ode to the elegance of blooming gardens, where cherries play a pivotal role in the composition. As you spritz this fragrance, you’re greeted with the refreshing sweetness of cherries, seamlessly intertwined with white florals like neroli and water lily. The result is a fragrance that encapsulates the beauty of an Italian garden in full bloom—light, graceful, and utterly captivating.

7. Chopard Wish: Gourmand Elegance with Cherries at Heart:

Chopard’s Wish is a gourmand masterpiece that skillfully blends the allure of cherries with the richness of caramel, vanilla, and patchouli. This exquisite concoction unfolds into a warm and comforting aroma that wraps around you like a cozy embrace. The cherry note adds a touch of brightness to the composition, making it a perfect companion for the colder months when a touch of warmth is most cherished.


In a fragrant symphony, Cherry Perfumes artfully captures the essence of cherries in all their facets. From Marc Jacobs’ whimsical spring romance to Guerlain’s sultry evening allure, each fragrance weaves cherries into unique olfactory tales. Escada transports us to sun-soaked orchards, while Nina Ricci’s candied cherries evoke youthful enchantment. Thierry Mugler daringly blends cherries with sensuality, while Dolce & Gabbana’s blooms echo elegance. Chopard’s gourmand masterpiece embraces cherries in a cozy embrace. Through diverse notes, these perfumes celebrate cherries, bottling moments of joy, allure, and elegance, enriching our lives with their aromatic tapestry. Cherish the charm of cherries as an exquisite accessor

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