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Many of us heard about the medical condition called ‘anemia. It occurs when the red blood cells or hemoglobin concentration level drops to a lower level than the normal range. Our body requires hemoglobin content to carry oxygen & carbon dioxide into our red blood cells. So, when the human body experiences lower hemoglobin levels, it might lead to insufficient oxygen. As a result, a person may feel too tired and weak. Anemia has been a major health issue across India, and the increasing rates are a matter of concern. 

We can reduce the risk of anemia with the help of regular hemoglobin tests at the diagnostic lab. Early detection of anemia conditions will help us to cure it with efficient precautions & medication.   

Why Is Haemoglobin Test Important?

Hemoglobin performs many crucial functions, including carrying oxygen to cells & carbon dioxide to the lungs. The main hemoglobin content is iron which is why it is known as an iron-rich protein in red blood cells. Also, the presence of hemoglobin provides blood rich red color. 

If you are suffering from weakness, dizziness, pale skin, cold hands & feet, and consuming a diet lower in mineral & iron content, you should go for a test in a nearby diagnostic lab. Also, doctors recommend the test for pregnant women who might experience iron deficiency. The test result will be the indicator of healthy red blood cells. 

Hemoglobin tests measure the amount of protein hemoglobin found in red blood cells. It is measured in grams per deciliter (g/dL) of blood or grams per liter (g/L) of blood. The test can be easily done by visiting any diagnostic lab and also booking online diagnostic tests

Consequences of High & Low Haemoglobin 

Low Hemoglobin: In case of lower hemoglobin level or less red blood cells, it can deprive organs & tissue due to insufficient oxygen. The common symptoms of low hemoglobin are fatigue, pale skin, weakness, dizziness, breath shortness, and cold hands & feet. As a result, the human body suffers from anemia conditions that can invite other severe diseases if remain untreated. 

High Hemoglobin: A person with high hemoglobin content in the red blood cells will have thicker & sluggish blood. Due to the thickness, blood would not pass quickly, depriving our organs of oxygen. Common symptoms to detect high hemoglobin conditions are headaches, blurred or double vision, dizziness, itching, and blood clots. 

So, we can draw the conclusion that hemoglobin needs to be in an ideal range, either a lower or high level can create damage to health. The best preventive measure is to visit the diagnostic lab and get the test done regularly. Sometimes, doctors recommend a hemoglobin test as part of a complete blood test to detect other associated diseases. 

What Are the Risk Factors Resulting in Anemia?

In general terms, a lower level of hemoglobin can result in anemia, however, there are other root causes present in the body. Anemia can be caused by vitamin deficiency, inflammation, aplastic anemia when the body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells(RCB), loss of RCB due to hemolytic anemia, and others. 

Some of the common risk factors associated with anemia condition are:-

Lack of Vitamins & Minerals in Diet: If a person is taking a diet with less iron, vitamin B 12, copper, and folate continuously, the risk of anemia increases. 

Disorders of Intestine: Due to intestine disorders disrupt the absorption of nutrients and result in a high risk of anemia. 

Menstruation: Women go through a menstrual cycle every month as a part of their puberty. Her body may feel weak due to iron deficiency which increases the chances of anemia. 

Genetic Factors: In case of a family history of anemia, it creates a risk of inherited anemia.

Pregnancy: Anemia can trap pregnant women if they miss out on taking multivitamins and iron tablets. 

You don’t need to worry much about anemia conditions, it can be cured with the right medication & precautions. In case you feel any symptoms in the body, visit any nearby doctor, and they will get your hemoglobin test done at a diagnostic lab. With a healthy diet & tablets, we can cure anemia within a short duration of time. However, general precautions can save us from severe problems, so get the test done. 

How to Find the Best Diagnostic Center to Get a Hemoglobin Test Done?

If you are searching for the best diagnostic lab for the hemoglobin test, look for trusted centers. Check a few factors like hygiene level, experienced staff, online diagnostic test facility & infrastructure, online reports availability, and accuracy of the results. We should not compromise health while selecting diagnostic labs as these centers are prone to spread infection if it doesn’t take precautions.   

Wrapping Up!

There is no need to panic if you see a low hemoglobin level in your lab reports. Visit the best doctor available in your location and follow their recommendations. The anemia treatment is available & cures you in a short period with the correct medication, supplements & healthy diet. Pick the right diagnostic lab to test your hemoglobin level and save yourself from delayed treatments. 

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