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Cities have never been discovered in a country with so much to offer. Saudi Arabia has been called the last unexplored frontier in the tourism industry. Cities in Saudi Arabia are full of tourist attractions that have never been touched. These cities have breathtaking scenery, traditional houses built in the mountains, historical sites, and much more. But all that is about to change as the government has gone to great lengths to bring them into the spotlight. Therefore, put these treasures and Saudi Arabia on the tourist map.

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Please dive deeply into three undiscovered cities on our Saudi Arabia tour and discover some of their hidden gems.

Yanbu’a City… The Pearl Of The Red Sea

Yanbu’a is one of the provinces of Al Medinah Al Munawara. It is located on the coast of the Red Sea. It is about 200 km west of Al Medinah, 125 km south of Umluj city, and 300 km north of Jeddah. Yanbu’a is the second largest city on the Red Sea after Jeddah. It is called the Pearl of the Red Sea because Yanbu’a is home to the best diving sites in the Kingdom.

The city is distinguished by its main roots in history. Its history goes back more than 2,500 years because of its role as a port connecting it with several neighboring countries and as a mainstay on the spice and agarwood trade route from Yemen to Egypt and the Mediterranean region. As for the city’s name, it derives from owning more than 300 water sources. These springs are the main reason why tourists from all over the world want to visit such a wonderful city.

Yanbu’a’s biggest highlights are its breathtaking coral reefs and underwater magic. Yanbu’a includes the best diving areas in the Kingdom. You will find many centers of expertise in scuba diving. If you’re a scuba diver, don’t miss the “Seven Sisters” area, known for its hammerhead sharks and ocean tuna. While exploring the Lona wreck, you can also head to Abu Qalawa Island and enjoy some of the most beautiful coral caves and Barracuda fish.

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Jeddah City… Bride Of The Red Sea

The ancient connection between merchants and pilgrims and the main entrance to Mecca. One of the most fascinating cities in Saudi Arabia. Urbane sophistication and a tolerant atmosphere, unmatched in any other city in the Kingdom, are certainly some of its main attractions. You will love the market with its colorful and varied shops. But most of all, you will want to take advantage of its amazing coastline. The coastline features excellent diving sites, ranked among the best in the world. Jeddah’s upscale restaurants will die for you. They have diverse dishes, special dishes, and great chefs from all over the world. Jeddah’s wealth of commercial, artistic, and cultural activities fills it with vitality in all its forms.

Jeddah is known for its narrow streets. These alleys mainly separate the old merchant houses built of coral stone. The alleys lead to must-see markets with the smell of Arabic spices wafting through the air. Many buildings have been restored in previous years, including the 106-room Nassif Senior House that served as the residence of King Abdulaziz Bin Al Saud before he became King of the United Arab Emirates.

On your next visit, pass by the famous Jeddah Corniche. It organizes various activities throughout the year. As well as the AlTayebat City Museum, where the walls are decorated with traditional Hijazi ornaments, and the architecture catches the eye.

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Abha City… Magnificent City

A magnificent landscape located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. Make Abha the highest peak in Saudi Arabia. Abha and its breathtaking scenery, cool climate, and location are why it is considered the perfect getaway for adventure and relaxation. This is the capital of Asir, and it is meant to be the most beautiful. The name is motivated by the breathtaking beauty of nature. In spring, purple covers the city. More than 13,000 ‘Jacaranda’ trees have been planted in the streets and roads, giving Abha a charming and magical appearance. Abha was chosen as the capital of Arab tourism in 2017. It is the first city in Saudi Arabia to receive this title.

The city has a variety of environments, different topography, and geographical features. You will love the forests of Al Souda, Dulgan, and Al Habla parks. Finally, when hiking in the mountains, you will be conquered by the breathtaking view from above. It would help to visit the eastern plains and the west coast. The city of Abha represents 70% of the green area of ​​the Kingdom. It is famous for growing juniper and cacti. As well as clean, pollution-free environments and nature reserves like the Raida.

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This is Masjid Qiblatain (Two Qiblas Mosque). It has historical significance for Muslims as this is where in Al-Rajjab 2 AH, the revelation of the Quran changed the direction of the Qibla from Bait-al-Maqdis in Jerusalem to the Kaabah in Mecca.

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The Beginning Of The Wedding Between Jews And Muslims

• The Jews expected the coming of a prophet who, according to their scriptures, would appear in Medina. They often mocked the local Arabs that when that happened, according to their prophecy, the Jews would destroy the pagans just like the ancient people Aad and Thamud were destroyed for idolatry. However, when they realized that the Prophet was ultimately chosen by the Arabs and not the Jews, their pride overwhelmed them. They rejected him, though, like the Quran. Mentioned (in 2:146) they recognized him as they recognized their sons. Even so, some Jews followed Islam, including Hussain-bin-Salam, one of their most learned rabbis. The Prophet (PBUH) changed his name to Abdullah bin Salam. 

• While it is a day of joy for Muslims, it is a day of mourning for Jews. The Muslims have now become completely independent of them, and a prophecy in their ancient books has been fulfilled that the great Prophet will eventually change the spiritual direction of Allah from Jerusalem to the ancient house. Of Ibrahim (peace be upon him). Their elders followed a group to the Prophet PBUH. They said they would follow him if he changed his orientation towards Jerusalem. Allah (Glorified and glorified is He) is revealed in the Quran in Surat al-Baqarah:

“And even if you give the recipients of the scriptures all kinds of omens, they will not obey your Qibla, and you cannot be a follower of their Qibla, and some of them are also not followers of other people’s Qibla. And if you follow their desires after knowing them, you are definitely among the crooks. [2:145]

• Muslims began to have distinct personalities, while Jews began to associate with hypocrites and polytheists. Many hypocrites reverted to Judaism or paganism, thus purging the ranks of Muslims. 

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