Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

As artificial intelligence advances, many businesses seek AI-based solutions to enhance their marketing efforts. One of the keys to getting the most out of technology in marketing is writing effective AI prompts to deliver desired results.

Marketers need to know how to communicate their goals to AI systems effectively. It’s a new skill that requires understanding how to write clear, concise, and perfect instructions that machines can understand.

In this article, we’ll share AI prompts that digital marketing agencies in Toronto can use to optimize the results generated and better meet their marketing needs. If you have little time, skip the topic you need.

AI Reminders for Marketers

Marketers can use AI for several purposes. They can mirror an entire process or sequence if done right. So when you find inspiration for your AI prompts, try them out in HubSpot’s Content Assistant.

Report on the state of artificial intelligence

AI prompts for lead generation

Lead generation attracts leads to your business and increases their interest from lead to customer. If specified in the AI prompt, AI can enable digital marketing agencies in Toronto to attract more leads based on shoppers’ personality traits. The following examples show how to achieve these custom results.

AI prompts to write social media posts

Did you know that AI can identify different social media platforms? Marketers benefit from using AI prompts for the preferred channels instead of relying on a generic strategy. Here are some great examples to follow for social media drafts.

AI prompts to create a podcast or video content

Developing ideas for podcasts or videos on your own can be suffocating. The AI ​​can provide them with ideas and even guide you through the development and scripting process if you specify it in your prompts. Learn about the different prompts that can help you create rich media.

AI prompts to promote content

Digital marketing agencies in Toronto looking for more important ways to promote their products or services can use AI for best practices. Explore the different channels, tricks, and methods this technology can create using solid AI prompts.

AI prompts to redirect content.

AI can allow marketers to repurpose and recycle outdated content into new or more useful content in the current year, a process known as historical optimization. When making AI prompts about reusing content, think creatively and see how to turn your old work into a new one.

AI Reminders for Email Marketing

Finally, we have some suggestions for email marketing. Just like with social media, you want to avoid copying and pasting the responses you get for these, but they can give you a basic template to work with. 

AI prompts for social media

AI can help you write content for blog posts and articles and handle social media. Of course, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t just copy and paste what AI gives you.

AI Reminder for SEO

From link building to meta descriptions to content optimization, there are several ways to use AI for SEO. A digital marketing agency in Toronto will consider.

AI invites you to write.

Regarding popularity, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, copywriting can be the most useful skill in marketing. Luckily, AI is really helpful here.

 Three tips for creating marketing AI reminders

Before we get to the specific examples on this page, let’s look at some tips for writing the best marketing AI reminders. You’ll see these tips in action after we look at the examples.

1. Always give AI a common word count

First, you should always give AI a generic word count when giving a prompt. This ensures that the result is the desired length. In some cases, AI may produce results much longer (or sometimes much shorter) than you’re looking for, helping you avoid this.

2. Keep AI marketing reminders as concise as possible

Another way to improve your reminders is to keep them as simple and concise as possible. AI can handle large words, but the complex syntax is sometimes confusing. Whenever possible, it’s best to keep things as simple as possible, using as few clauses as possible.

3. Don’t ask AI to generate new or creative ideas

Finally, don’t give AI any prompts when you ask it to be creative or develop new ideas. For what? Because he can’t. AI works by pulling from what people have written online. Although he doesn’t copy anything word for word, he always copies ideas.


AI is becoming incredibly useful to marketers in many ways. When leveraging this technology, use specific and concise prompts to achieve the results the digital marketing agency in Toronto is looking for.  

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