Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Open your preferred image editing software. Adobe Photoshop and GIMP are popular choices for image manipulation.

Open the JPG image you want to convert within the software by going to “File” > “Open” and selecting the JPG file.

Once the image is open, go to the “File” menu again, but this Image converter time choose “Save As” or “Export.”

In the “Save As” or “Export” dialog, you can choose the format for the output file. Select “PNG” as the format.

Choose the destination folder where you want to save the PNG file.

Optionally, you may configure other settings such as compression level or transparency options.

Click “Save” or “Export” to convert and save the image as a PNG file.

Your JPG image is now converted to PNG and saved in the specified folder.

Using image editing software gives you more control over the conversion process, including the ability to adjust settings and optimize the PNG image to your preferences.

These methods should allow you to easily convert JPG images to PNG format based on your preferences and the tools you have available.

By Lara Parker

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