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What Is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging, as well as guest posting, is a content marketing and SEO strategy in which individuals write articles for other websites to promote their brands and businesses.

Commonly, guest bloggers write content for websites and blogs which are related to their industry and have a broader audience.

The created content will help guest bloggers in many ways:

Introduce brands to more relevant audiences

Get traffic back to their sites

Enhance domain authority

Establish ties with peers in the industry

Raise brand awareness and credibility

As a type of influencers, bloggers are familiar with posting high-quality content on their blogs to interact with followers. By placing articles freely outside of their sites, they might attract more audiences to their online journals while helping website owners increase the reach and rank higher in search engines. This strategy is relatively a win-win approach for both sides.

The writer will not receive any payments from the website since this is a guest post, not a sponsored post in which you need to pay.

Google considers links as the primary criteria to rank websites. Since guest posting provides significant chances to acquire backlinks from different websites, your SEO and other marketing strategies, such as influencer marketing, will be positively affected.

Guest Blogging Increases Reach

According to statistics of FirstSiteGuide, in 2020 there are:

More than 600 million blogs available on the Internet

77% of people read blogs online daily

61% of online users in the US have made a payment after reading a blog

According to the Statista Research Department, there were 27.4 million bloggers in the US in 2014. The 2016 projection showed that there would be an increase of 14% in the number of bloggers, which means there will be 31.7 million bloggers in 2020.

As we can see, the activity in the blogging market is vast, with hundreds of millions of blogs that you can find easily on the Internet every day. By having famous bloggers in the field writing for your website, you will have an excellent opportunity to attract more new customers and raise brand awareness in their niches.

Guest blogging is a relatively win-win partnership where both sides get backlinks from each other. Consequently, with Free guest posting, you can be quickly linked with some of the best bloggers in the industry.

As bloggers and influencers have an especially strong connection with their fans, people will start noticing your brand since they see your brand’s name coming across all of the blogger’s posts.

For example, one of the best-known media companies – O’Reilly Media, started an online blog featuring new network technologies named O’Reilly’s Radar. In the meantime, the company’s reporters, for instance, Alexander Howard – a government journalist, maintain frequent guest accounts with top online publications such as ReadWriteWeb, Huffington Post, etc.

According to the experience of large brands with plenty of online exposure, having all content on their pages doesn’t sound right. Regardless of how beneficial the constant stream of content is to other “outside” publications, your brands will be able to gain massive attention from regular guest articles on popular sites.

Increases Credibility And Establishes Authority Online

On the other hand, if you are a blogger who is looking for a chance to boost your online authority, guest blogging is what you need to start. It doesn’t matter how good your content is, if an audience doesn’t trust your brand, it is challenging to keep your viewers as loyal users or buyers.

Guest blogging adds to your image as a reliable leader in the industry. Some of the elements that define brand value are personalized content. The audience will naturally continue to see you as a creditable brand if you know the name added to the guest blog entry on a highly reputable page.

Authority not only benefits your company SEO but also helps you in future projects. To increase your customer base and boost your company income, being a well-known brand is essential.

You will show your reputation as an information source by posting high-quality and valuable content to other high-ranking blogs. Sharing your expertise and providing examples to support your point helps strengthen how people view your content. It will help your target audience realize your trustworthiness recognized by brands. Thus, they will be more responsive to any value you may offer on your site.

Overall, guest blogging is mutually beneficial for both the guest blogger and the website hosting the guest content. Therefore, featuring articles by guest bloggers on your site, usually at the bottom of the article, which is called the Author Box, is worth considering when you start the guest posting collaboration.

Next, we will list out guest blogging benefits and some thriving examples to help you have a comprehensive look at how this type of influencer marketing campaign can help boost your business.

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