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Video monetization is the process of using video to earn income. This not only involves creating content to be shared, but also making sure that this content is brought to the attention of the right audience. Video monetization often includes elements such as advertising impressions, subscriptions, pay-per-view models, and more. Benefits of Video Monetization

Video monetization offers several potential benefits to companies and creators. One of the most obvious benefits is additional revenue. By adding an income stream to existing sources of income, businesses can increase their profits and stay in the black. Additionally, video monetization can open up new markets, as creators may find that they can tap into audiences that were not previously aware of their content. This kind of exposure can lead to incredibly valuable brand recognition and new opportunities.

Best Video Monetization Platforms


VPlayed is an all-in-one platform for creating, monetizing, and managing digital content. It allows organizations to create audio and video content–including podcasts, live streams, VODs, and more–and manage them through an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard. Users can easily manage their content through the platform, which includes a powerful analytics suite. What’s more, VPlayed provides a built-in content monetization system that allows content creators to monetize their work with pay-per-view models, subscription plans, advertising, and more.


Muvi is an online video streaming platform that provides users with a comprehensive suite of tools for creating, monetizing, and managing online video content. With Muvi, creators can upload and manage their content, customize the look and feel of their pages, create secure streaming portals, schedule video releases, and more. Additionally, Muvi provides a range of powerful monetization tools, including subscription plans, pay-per-view plans, ad integration, and more.


Uscreen is another video streaming service designed for video publishers and content creators. It allows users to create their own streaming platforms and manage their content with ease. Users can create secure streaming portals, schedule video releases, customize the look and feel of their pages, and more. Uscreen also provides a comprehensive monetization suite, allowing users to monetize their content with a variety of different models, including subscriptions, pay-per-view, ad integration, and more.


Brightcove is the best video monetization platforms that provides everything businesses need to create, manage, and monetize their video content. It allows users to create and upload videos easily, and manage them through a powerful cloud-based platform. Brightcove also provides access to a variety of monetization tools, including pre-roll and mid-roll ads, subscription plans, pay-per-view models, and more. Additionally, Brightcove allows users to measure and track their audience engagement, performance, and more.

Vimeo OTT

Vimeo OTT is a powerful OTT platform designed for businesses of all sizes. It provides users with everything they need to create and manage their streaming services, including access to a comprehensive suite of tools for creating video libraries, channels, and storefronts. Additionally, Vimeo OTT allows businesses to monetize their content with a range of different models, including advertising, subscription plans, pay-per-view, and more. It also provides detailed analytics that can help businesses maximize their reach and revenue potential.

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