Sun. Nov 26th, 2023
What To Consider When Selecting a Vitamin Face serum?

If your skin is patchy or has sun marks, then organic serums are best to use. But you don’t need to select the serum randomly. However, when you are going to buy Vitamin Face Serum then you have to consider some factors that play an important role in uplifting your face look.

Here we discuss the 5 main factors that you should look at while buying the serum:


Most of the serums in the market have chemicals or toxins which make them harmful to apply on the skin. Because such toxins harm the texture or layer of the skin. So, you should choose a serum that has organic ingredients including herbal extracts, natural oils and essential enhancers or brightening agents.

The serum with natural ingredients can protect your skin from redness and unwanted bumps. Moreover, it also saves your skin from any kind of skin reaction. So whether you want an organic face kit or serum, you must look at the ingredients.


The concentration and composition of the ingredients in the serum matters a lot. If it’s your first time using the serum, then pick the one that has low concentration to give your skin a mild treatment. And if you have used it before then use the serum with a moderate concentration of the ingredients so that your skin recovers smoothly and its pH does not get disturbed.

Skin Type:

While choosing the serum, it’s also important to look at the skin type so that you can pick the right one. If your skin is oily then select the Vitamin face serum that has no glycerol or other oils as an ingredient and this can save your skin from getting acne. Similarly, if your skin is dry then select the serum that has natural oils so that your skin gets hydrated and locks in the moisture.

Where to Get the Face Serum?

The Blemiviv Koncept is a skincare company that can provide you with such face serum that has organic ingredients and suits well for your skin (Dry or oily). At Blemiviv, we ensure to make products that are free of alcohol, glycerol, artificial oils, and unwanted chemicals. We design the serums by focusing on the skin type and deeply studying the specifications of every oil and herbal extract so that your face remains safe and you get more beautiful.

Apart from this, we put our serums in dark bottles so that they do not get oxidized or harm your skin cells. So if you are looking for a face kit, serum, scrub or any other thing then check out the Blemiviv range.

Final Verdict:

In this article, we discussed why it’s important to be selective while buying a face serum for your face. And we mentioned the factors like ingredients and compositions in detail so that it becomes easy for you to pick the right face serum for your face. Furthermore, we recommend the Blemiviv Koncept products because it is the only company that is offering the best products at lower rates. So check Blemiviv now.

By Almas Sajid

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