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Where To Go For The Best Practice Using Git In Your Python Projects In Jaipur?

Where To Go For The Best Practice Using Git In Your Python Projects In Jaipur?

For all the students and learners planning for Python training in Jaipur, you might have encountered a few technical terms like Git and GitHub when going through the Python training course modules. In this blog below, we will help you decode two of the most used terms in Python – Git and GitHub.

Developers working on Python often face an issue where their project stop working, either after PEP-8 cleanup or a change, and developers are not quite sure how to undo the same to resume working! Moreover, when multiple people are working on the same Python project, tracking the changes by each team member becomes a hassle.

Version control systems like Git come to the rescue, as these set of tools helps track the history of the set of files. Let’s take a closer look at Git and GitHub in the sections below, explore the importance of practising this VCS (Version Control System), and the benefits of using Git to find out why it is popular amongst developers.

Overview of Version Control Systems

Version control systems are tools that allow developers to track changes in their codes, undo mistakes and collaborate with other team members on the same code. VCS, therefore, helps developers find the answers to questions like –

  • What are the changes made?
  • When were changes implemented?
  • Who made the changes?
  • What was the purpose of the modifications?

What is Git?

Multiple options for Version Control Systems are offered; by far, Git is the most popular VCS. According to a survey in 2018 done on 1,00,000 developers, around 70% of the respondents used Git as their VCS. One of the significant reasons for Git’s popularity is that it is a distributed version control system that relies on a central server, making it a flexible VCS option for open-source projects.

It gives developers a comprehensive view of their decisions, history, changes and project progress. Non-liner development at Git also allows developers to work on different code branches and merge them together when ready.

What is GitHub?

GitHub, on the other hand, is a popular web-based hosting service for Git repositories, which increased the user-friendliness of Git. GitHub allows developers to share their codes with others, where they can contribute to the projects and integrate GitHub into their own workflows or applications with the robust API. Other features of GitHub include –

  • Bug tracking,
  • Project Management,
  • Task Management,
  • Allow developers to share snippets, codes, documentation and issues.
  • Track their project’s progress.

According to the 2022 GitHub statistics, it has more than 200 million repositories and 80 million users, making it the largest source code in the world.

Who Can Use GitHub?

Developers can leverage the maximum benefits of GitHub as they can work on a single project with version control benefits. It helps them try out new things and reduce duplicating work. Moreover, if the code changes do not help with the desired results, they can quickly revert to the original code or previous versions using GitHub.

Other than developers, professionals from the following fields can use GitHub –

  • Students
  • Website content creators,
  • Scientific researchers,
  • Software engineers,
  • Computer programmers.

How Experience on Git with Python Projects an Add-On?

For new learners or students, experimenting with Git on Python projects during their training is an add-on. It helps them learn how this VCS works, how to undo the changes or use it for the final workings.

Since it is a powerful tool that can help with more effective and efficient management of Python projects, experience or practice on Git with Python projects acts as a skill add-on during the professional experience and help job-seekers grab the best opportunity with high-paying remunerations.

Where to Get the Best Practice for Git with Python Projects in Jaipur?

For all Python enthusiasts, learning Git is highly recommended to enhance professional skills and working capabilities. GitHub claims that Mercedes-Benz, Spotify, Philips, Shopify, BuzzFeed and other renowned platforms are its customers, which means that users of GitHub can view, use or learn from their codes to improve their workings. Moreover, learning GitHub can also help aspiring developers with expanded career opportunities.

For all those planning to enhance their technical skills with GitHub, Grras Solutions can help you with the best learnings. With Grras Solutions, students need not pay extra for Git training, as it is already a part of our Python Programming Training and Course or Django and Flask Training Course .

Apart from just delivering theoretical knowledge for Python or Git Training, our IT industry experts also enhance students’ skills with training on real-world projects, allowing you a platform to explore best practices using Git in your Python projects in Jaipur.

What are you still waiting for? Enrol in Grras Solution Python Training Program  to know more!

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